St Ninian's Consultation

We the undersigned agree with the proposal of East Renfrewshire Council to change the catchment of St Ninian's High School, Giffnock so that pupils living within the catchment of St Joseph's, St Cadoc's and Our Lady of the Missions will continue to have priority right of access to St Ninian's High School.


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    Shirley Ashe, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: East renfrewshire council Have the responsibility to the residents of east renfrewshire first, after all we are the ones paying them our council tax and contibuting to our community, the placing request system should be used for the people out with the authority, ERC POILCY on placing request should be looked into surely if a school is at or over capacity the school should not be taking any placing requests.
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    Martin Lawwell, United Kingdom

    5 years ago
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    Gabrielle Lawwell, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I support the proposal giving pupils @ St. Josephs, St.Cadocs & Our Lady of the Missions Primary schools priority access to St. Ninians High School. Furthermore St. Ninians High School should now be open only to Baptised Roman Catholic children enabling Catholics in the other Glasgow primary schools to have priority over non-catholics in East Renfrewshire. That way these children will at least have a chance of a Catholic Education & the non Catholics can choose from the remaining 5 high performing High Schools in East Renfrewshire which are available to them. If there is only one Catholic High School & places are in demand, Catholic children should be allocated those places. The Church of England schools permit entry only to Church of England children & it works well. It is time that this type of approach was commenced here for St. Ninians applicants. A Catholic school for Catholics with 1st priority to East Ren Catholic children followed by priority to Catholics at the other Catholic primaries in Glasgow which previously were permitted access. I also believe these Glasgow based children & their parents were given insufficient time to take in this proposal & fail to see why the Council needs to rush it through for 2010 giving little thought to the feelings of those Glasgow children who are currently in their P7 year. I have an interest in this Council proposal as I have 2 children @ St. Ninians , 1 at OLM & a 3yr old at St Josephs Playgroup.Hence I have now responded more than once as I have given more & more thought to the proposal outlined by East ren Council. Many thanks for taking the time to read my comments.
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