Citizens for a Stewartville Dog Park

The City of Stewartville is contemplating establishing a dog park in the city. Please sign to show your support for a dog park in Stewartville. The petition will be presented to the Park Board and City Council in support of establishing an off leash dog park in time for the 2015 budgeting and planning session.

If you are interested in organizing, volunteering, or financially sponsoring this endeavor, please contact or note your interest in the "Comments" portion of your signature. Thanks!


Maren Schroeder



  • Dan Johnson Tired of driving up to Roch every time the dog needs a workout.

  • Emily Theros Every dog needs a fun and safe environment to play and be off leash!

  • Jackie Jordan I Grew Up In Stewie, An Visit Regularly.
    My Family Plans On Moving Back Before Our Oldest Starts School So He Can Go To Stewie Schools And A Dog Park Would Be FABULOUS!

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  • Dog park committee makes it through Park Board!! Good morning Maron; Last night at our Park Board meeting we agreed to recommend to the council that we move forward with a committee to look into establishing a dog park. I have been looking into budgeting and feel you will want to focus on funding both the building and maintenance of the park. With the new school coming, the City will have some big infrastructure costs over the next couple of years. Also, I'm sure you are aware that with the new DMC coming to Rochester Stewartville is expected to experience some rapid growth over the next 3 to 5 years adding even more infrastructure costs. The DMC will present both a challenge and opportunity for Stewartville. Thanks! Jeff Beyer
  • This was posted on Facebook yesterday: Dog folks in Rochester/ Stewartville area-- I just received this note: My mother just called and shared that a family friend was walking their dog by Bear Cave Park in Stewartville last night, and when he sat down to take a call from his brother, the dog was just in the area running around and came back limping and bleeding from the mouth. He took the dog to the emergency vet, and learned that someone had shot the dog in the mouth. The dog had to be euthanized, and the owner is heartbroken. The dog was a lab or lab mix that he had adopted from PCHS and had for 6 years, and was not an aggressive dog and would not have done anything that would have provoked someone to feel threatened by it. The owner doesn’t know who would have done this, but clearly it was someone who is cruel and sick. If you have friends or coworkers with dogs in Stewartville, let them know this so that they can be very careful with their dogs; hopefully whoever did this will be caught, but right now the dog’s owner does not know who would have done this or what their motivation would have been.
  • The Park Board will have an agenda item Monday to create a subcommittee to develop the dog park plan. If this passes the Park Board (it is expected to), it will be sent to City Council for a vote. This vote is the first step: creation of a committee to develop a plan. If you know someone on the Park Board or City Council encourage them to support the cause. Also, council person Wendy Timm has stepped forward and offered to be the City Council Rep for any committee. Wendy is fully supportive of the dog park and wants to make it happen.
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