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The purpose of this petition is to demonstrate our support of the Steele Canyon Cheer Coaching Staff. The Steele Canyon Cheer program has grown tremendously in the last few years due to the experience and excellence of the Steele Canyon Cheer Coaching Staff. We understand there have been significant issues between the coaches and advisor and they are unable to continue to work together. Additionally, we have had a number of issues with Ms. Acosta and have listed our issues below. Due to our own issues and the fact that it is easier to replace a cheer advisor than to locate a talented coaching staff, we would like to endorse our Steele Canyon Coaching Staff and request that Ms. Acosta steps down as the Cheer Advisor, effective immediately. Issues include: 1. Some costs were not included in the estimates provided to parents at the beginning of the season (coaches\' fees) and we were not provided adequate lead time (notified approximately 10 days prior to due date for half of the fee and 20 days for the second half of the fee, not much time for an unexpected expense). A parent asked about this at the initial parent meeting and Ms. Acosta told everyone that coaching fees would be paid thru school now that we went charter. 2. Mandatory fundraisers that haven\'t benefited our team yet to the best of our knowledge, one of them being the COW PLOP, in which, the cheer teams made $2040 alone. 3. Confusion with competition dates and not attending the meeting for correct info or following up after the meeting. 4. Lack of availability to collect cheer fees at the beginning or end of practice. 5. On-line cheer payment system reflects wrong amounts. 6. Uniforms were not fitted appropriately, therefore, most uniforms required alterations at the parent\'s expense (average $30.00 a girl). Uniforms were fitted correctly by Varsity rep, however, when all of the fittings were done, it is assumed that Ms. Acosta made the decision to add on both length and width. 7. Integrity issues (this can be discussed in person with Steele Canyon Administration) 8. Over steps boundaries: pulls kids out of class at her convenience. 9. Has not shown parents copy of accounting. 10. Accounting concerns: using team funds to pay for some cheerleaders and not others because she has not collected funds correctly, holding checks because she doesn


Concerned Steele Canyon Cheer Parents.


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    Sabrina Howard, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I have been a cheerleader at Steele Canyon for four years now and never has a year been more drama and lack-of-communication filled. Since Mrs. Acosta became our cheer advisor, she has almost singlehandedly drove our cheer program, the program that Coach Dawne and Sesha worked so hard to build up and made greater than it has EVER been, straight into the ground. I have had personal experienced with Mrs. Acosta, and none of them have been very pleasant. For example, I once had to retrieve my cheer box from her and SHE scheduled to meet me in her office at a specific time. I arrived five minutes early and waited for almost HALF AN HOUR for her, went around to all the classes that she was involved in, and still could not find her. Then finally I found her, I asked her where she was and she told me that she was in her office, which she clearly was not. Another experience was when I had to give either money or a form to her, and she starts telling me how certain girls are not going to be able to cheer at one of the games because of an issue that was resolved months ago. She went into detail and started giving names to me and my friend who is not a cheerleader. She is not acting professional by leaking out private information that is no one else's business. Mrs. Acosta is not the right fit for this job and should be forced to step down from her position as cheer advisor immediately. This cheer year, the last cheer year for many of our girls, has been practically chaotic and I respect Dawne and Sesha for sticking through it and putting up with all of this. These two women are the best coaches that or school has ever had and it would be a complete mistake to not take action against Mrs. Acosta. We cannot risk losing the two coaches that made Steele Canyon Cheer what it is today.
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    Katherine Nesthus, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I personally had experience with Ms.Acosta when I was a Steele Canyon H.S. Cheerleader from 2003-2007. She was an advisor for freshmen when I was on Varsity, and the few things I saw and heard were not appropriate. In addition, I helped hold tryouts for this years team with a few other now ex-varsity cheerleaders, and she was disrespectful and thought she had privledges that she didn't really have. FInally, I'm sorry to say but she gave special treatment to certain cheerleaders, as opposed to the team as a whole. I hope everything works out for the best! Sincerly, An Ex-Varsity Cheerleader looking out for the safety and future of current & future Cheerleaders!
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    Gina Howard, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I don't understand the administrators actions, or lack there of. I know some of them weren't here last year to compare the two years, but we were so very lucky to get Dawne and Sesha for Steele Canyon's Cheer Program, and it would be very detrimental and foolish for the administrators to not eliminate the problem at had (no matter how uncomfortable it may be for them) and risk losing these two wonderful and experienced coaches. I know that the varsity squad is the best it's ever been since hiring Dawne because she has the squad's best interest at heart. Dawne, with her years of coaching experience, has been a fabulous coach and a real inspiration to the girls and with a new experienced cheer advisor (i.e. Grace Caddell) the cheer program at Steele Canyon will be as close to perfect as it can be. **Something to think about.... Lyle and Grace Caddell have put a lot of money into this school and will have their own daughters there soon. If the administrators decide to keep the current cheer advisor, the cheer program will crumble because nobody will be able to work in those conditions. With Dawne and Sesha coaching and someone like Grace to run the behind the scenes stuff, the program will be better organized and a much better reflection on the school and administrators as a whole. Please don
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