WE SUPPORT A CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM OF SECURITY AND DEFENSE FOR A FREE STATE WHICH INCLUDES A SOUND MONETARY SYSTEM We are uniting our local communities in each State and to prepare for any catastrophic event, be it economic, manmade, or natural disaster. We support the writing of individual State statutes addressing our most immediate concerns, that include but are not limited to: Developing a Constitutional system of security and defense for a free State, one that is not Federal or National, but rather one that is local to each State. Developing a sound monetary system, one that is not based on the unstable, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, but rather one that is stable, Constitutional, and based in gold and silver. Therefore, we the undersigned urge our State legislators to sponsor and vote for these Constitutional statutes. Petition signatures will be compiled at Committees of Safety.

Sponsor Many in our movement contend that the solution to our economic crisis, and wicked, overreaching, unconstitutional federal government lies at restoring our states' sovereignty. Committees of Safety and Dr. Edwin Vieira hold the key to achieving those ends. Dr. Vieira has been working on the Committees of Safety along with co-founder Walter Reddy. The Committees of Safety is a national organization, composed of Americans from all walks of life who volunteer at the local community level - neighborhood, town, city, county, and State - who exercise their constitutional rights of association, speech, and petition through non-partisan, non-violent, public education and legislation and legislative activism for the purpose of restoring a "constitutional system of security and defense" in their own States what the Constitution declares as "necessary to the security of a free State" throughout the United States.

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