We the undersigned firmly believe that the Aberdeen High School (AHS) Varsity football coaching situation has deteriorated beyond repair. Since the hiring of the head football coach, the AHS football record has also deteriorated.The coach's methods, tatics and treatment of players, have caused many of the players to leave AHS or quit the sport altogether. We find this unnacceptable and it should not be tolerated. Therefore, we request the removal and replacement of the current football coaching staff. We believe this action will benefit current and future AHS players and will benefit the AHS football program for years to come. Request for meetings to resolve the problem have been unsuccessful and therefore we petition the Aberdeen High School to take immediate action.



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    Carrie Siemsen, United States

    4 years ago Comments: This petition is absolutely ridiculous. Do any of you have the first clue as to what it takes to coach a football team. The job is more than a job, it's a way of life. It takes my husband away from his children and me for several weeks at a time because John gives so much to those football players. Anyone who can't see that is blind. Don't you dare blame one rough season on the coaching staff who dedicate so much to their players. Try putting yourself in the coach's position for one day... none of you behind this petition could ever handle it. The fact that you have the nerve to write untruths about "abusing the players" says an awful lot about your character. How do you know any of that happened? Because your kid told you? Is that wise to believe a teenager who isn't happy with the way his football season is going? This is John's passion. He has always coached his boys in hopes of teaching them by example how to become men. It's not about how many wins you get, it's all about how many kid's lives you improve. He has tried deperately to do that this season, and the parents have done nothing but discourage his efforts. Ask anyone at Patterson High, or Dundalk High that he coached, and they'll tell you how John impacted their life for the better. Where do you think Terrance Powell came from? He is a product of John, and another tremendous coach and wonderful role model for your high school students. You should feel fortunate to have those two men teaching your sons, and you can't even see that. I know exactly how lucky my two kids are to have John as a father, why can't you all see how lucky your sons are? Let it go, and let these men just do their job the best they can. You've ruined this football season for them, congratulations on breeding negativity. Now back off and try to make your children accountable for something, instead of blaming everyone else.
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