Stand With Hobby Lobby and for Religious Freedom

The Obama Administration has launched a war against religious organizations and religious employers.The Health and Human Services Department ordered that all businesses and organizations must provide contraception coverage. This mandateincludes drugs that induce abortion.The CEO of Hobby Lobbyhas filed suit stating that he has a right to not cover abortions.

Wethe undersigned understand that this is not just a fight about Hobby Lobby, but it is rather a fight for thefreedom of religionof all people. We wish to see freedom of conscience and religion protected and we therefore support Hobby Lobby's effort to protect religious liberty.



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  • Patricia Friedrich I feel Hobby Lobby religious rights are being violated. What is so "Unfair" about providing 16 of the 20 birth control methods??? I am a woman and I feel this is more than sufficient. This is United States of America - religious rights are suppose to be protected. It seems to me, Obama care is creating more problems than fixing them. We need to work with our business's - after all we need to keep jobs instead of losing jobs due to expensive lawsuits such as Hobby Lobby!

  • Emily Nghiem "Right to Health Care" is a political belief as is "Right to Life" and both should be equally protected by law without discrimination. Our govt should remain neutral with political beliefs as with religious beliefs, and not be abused to impose partisan agenda, on either side! Govt should support consensus decisions that include and protect all views equally. The govt should never take sides in disputes over "beliefs" or it discriminates against the people of opposing beliefs. All conflicts should be resolved, so there is an agreement on policy, or else people should agree to separate policies and quit imposing on each other. Govt should never be abused to impose one view over another in cases of religious disputes, or it violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution.

  • Christina Garcia We need to start speaking up....

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