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Stand up for equal rights in Uganda

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To the Human Rights Campaign,

Americans have played a critical role in the development of Uganda's new policy on homosexuality. A person can go for life in prison simply because he is gay. Because of international pressure, the sentence of execution has been reduced to life in prison.

Please take a minute to review this article to learn how three Americans are behind a nightmare unfolding for our brothers and sisters in Uganda.

We are asking you to stand up for the GLBT community in Uganda and pressure the American government to use its considerable influence in reversing this grotesque piece of legislation.

Please remember, if these evangelists are successful in Uganda, they will not stop. They will then go on to the next country and the next. We have the power - the power of our voice and of our pocket book. Please use the considerable power of your organization to effect this change.

Thank you,
Friends of the GLBT Community



December 22
We are now live!




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