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Hi Everyone! 

As a dancer at Trannys I don't know if you heard that our lovely Stacy got fired yesterday. I cant speak about the reasons behind the decision since its between Stacy and Trish. But i do feel that we as visitors, admirers and dancers at Trannys sometimes take things for granted. In my opinion, one of these things we may been the people that help a club like Trannys run. One of those persons are Stacy. We all know her in some way, she may been the one who hired you, supported you that day or just a friendly cheerful face watching you dance. Maybe she commented on your outfit or just talked to you when you felt lonely. She is a wonderful person, dancer, manager and most of all, a friend to everyone of us. 

Working as a manager is alot of work and very different then being a dancer. Both dancers and the manager greet people but they also organize bulletins, making sure everyone behaves and in some cases boot people. They arrange messages that concern us as dancers and the most important thing, acts like a shoulder we can always lean on. The job takes time everyday and as a manager you have to be polite, firm when needed, fair, righteous and have the ability to see things from different perspectives. Stacy has those qualities and more. 

I am very sad that i wont be greeted by her smile when i enter the doors of Trannys and i hope everyone that cares of her can make your voices heard. 

Love you Stacy! Thank you for all your hard work, you are already missed! 

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 (This message is not written to discredit someone, just give credit where credit is due!)



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    PD, Australia

    4 years ago Comments: I agree the place wont be the same without Stacy..she always smiled when she greeted me..Trannys just wont be the same without her.
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