Human Right Abuses In Sri Lanka

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the house to the following: 1. The potential genocide, which the Tamil people are faced with in Sri Lanka, is possible through: - Bombings via the government air force on orphanages and churches - Random killings of Tamils - Death and Torture camps 2. The indirect methods of war used by the government of Sri Lanka, such as the blockage of a critical highway connecting the northern provinces \' leads to: - Starvation of innocent Tamil civilians. - Lack of medical supplies and personnel in these Tamil regions. We call upon the house to take action and help the innocent Tamils civilians, dying in Sri Lanka.



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    coralie stephney, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: stop the killing in Sri Lanka
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    Gwen McLeish, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: In the Name of God, all are in him the creator, stop the fighting, killing, gennesides. feed and clothe, the needed, service those needing medical help and we will pray for the leaders of the country and for thos who are causing the war to be at peace to themselves and in their family, country and the world they are inflecting their sins on to cause chaos. Gwen McLeish
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    gayle bart, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: I am writing to strongly voice my protest at the 40 tamils being deported back to sri lanka. The government will be responsible for their blood. I am from Sri Lanka and the mass genocide of tamils has never stopped. i have witnessed a tamil civilian who ran off the street into my parents home being killed by a mob of sinhalese in 1962 -BEFORE THERE WERE ANY TAMIL TIGERS- my sister had a tamil man die on her when she was coming home from school on the bus. he was sitting next to her when a bunch of sinhalese men jumped onthe bus and stabbed all the tamils to death who were on the bus. my revelations can go on and on about the horrific scenes my relatives witnessed. tamils are killed in sri lanka - whether they are in groups as shown by the killing fields or they are travelling anywhere. if there is anything i can do please email me back.
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