Spay-Neuter Clinics in Canada

Pet Owners who cannot afford to have their pets spayed or neutered often end up with unwanted litters. Many from these litters end up at local SPCA\'s, private shelters or on city/rural streets, homeless, discriminated against, often hated and worse yet dead from abuse or disease. Spaying and Neutering Clinics are much needed to help pet owners reduce unwanted births that often discourage pet owners - who later discard their pets because they cannot cope. Help stop the vicious circle! Provincial/City/Rural Animal Bylaw Control and Veterinary Associations are asked to use Tax Dollars (client profit margins) wisely by sponsoring economic or free Spay and Neuter Clinics AT LEAST once a week. Clinics as such would assist pet owners in reducing unwanted births, but more importantly, it would reduce risks of inter-breeding leading to disease. We also encourage TNR Programs (Trap-Neuter-Release) amongst stray populations to keep the ecological balance on the streets. Many Vets refuse to touch strays due to their estranged mannerisms and lack of previous health care, however it does not change the fact that breeding and inter-breeding occur. When this occurs, FELV, FIV, Distemper and other contagious diseases occur, threatening vaccined house pets that roam about. Altered animals are less concerned over territory, henceforth less street fights, less interaction and less risk factors for injuries leading to uncured infections and disease. Please support this petition, so we may send copies to Canadian Provincial Governments, SPCA\'s and Advocates that wish to motivate their local Vets and Governments to support Spay-Neuter Clinics of any kind. The future of Canadian Cats and Dogs depend on it. If you love Animals, please support this Petition!


We are a No Kill Shelter in S. Alberta. As a means of encouraging Spaying and Neutering, we at have designated a new means of finding lost pets through what we call ©Tattoo-Find Data Listing. For a minimal ONE TIME sponsorship fee of $10 or more, altered pet\'s ear tattoo numbers are recorded on the list (pics are optional)and remain for a lifetime, in case a pet should go missing or be injured. This new listing will be promoted to the SPCA and city newspapers to attract further attention. Help be a part of the solution! Sign the Petition and visit us at

Links - ©Tattoo-Find List - Shelter Website - Shelter Journal


  • Cathy Fire Everyone realizes that this is a MAJOR problem. Why are there so few if any resources to help people be responsible pet owner for those who cannot afford the spay/neuter fees?

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