Spanking your child is not abuse

I was, as many of you probably were, spanked with a belt by my parents when I was misbehaving, just as their parents did to them. I have turned out to be a courteous, respectful person and I am sure that the majority of you have as well. A dear friend of mine is being destroyed by the local media for spanking his child with a belt. He is not a bad person and would never abuse his son. He is a smart, caring, and responsible father that wants nothing but the best for his son. His son was misbehaving in school and failing. His father did not see any change in his son\'s actions by taking away his video games or television privileges, so as a last resort he decided to take the belt out and spank him. Now he cannot see his son and has to go through the child services and the courts. He has to go through all this because of a spanking. Please sign this petition, this will be printed out and given to the courts to show that spanking your child is not the same as child abuse and that we stand behind him as a good father trying to do what is best for his son.



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    Miranda Benson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Meg Kimball, United States

    2 years ago Comments: This father deserves the problems he's going through right now, and he brought them upon himself. I have zero sympathy for him. He's the reason Child Protective Services was originally formed. So, what, he's a great parent in EVERY OTHER WAY? Spanking is abuse, and belting is a BEATING. I hope he loses his kid for good.
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    Spankers Must Die, United States

    6 years ago
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