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Dear City of Austin and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: As a resident of the city of Austin, Texas, I want to state for the record that I am adamantly opposed to ANY structural alternatives (i.e., any channeling, bulldozing, etc.) being considered for flood control improvements along Williamson Creek. With the possible exception of raising the Emerald Forest bridge, I believe any project that would require harming the delicate ecology of the Williamson Creek ecosystem should be scrapped in favor of less intrusive and environmentally harmful alternatives. Thank you.


Hambone, Comrad-in-Peace Our mission here at South Austin Patriots is to stamp out this threat to Williamson Creek once and for all and forever by squawking so loudly that they will NEVER return to the table with this absurd idea. We are NOT asking them to stop ALL flood control measure studies, we are simply stating that the \"structural alternative\" option should be SCRAPPED in favor of less destructive and intrusive options (such as raising bridges, raising houses, etc.).


We are a small, but growing, environmental group based in South Austin, Texas. Our mission here is simple: we want to convince the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Austin that ramming a ditch (or \"structural alternative\" in bureaucratese) down the middle of one of South Austin\'s last remaining urban greenspaces -- Williamson Creek -- is not a good idea. In fact, it is an AWFUL idea, and we want to state that loudly and clearly for the record. South Austin Patriots City of Austin\'s Flood Study Join South Austin Patriots at Yahoo Groups Email Hambone with Questions or Comments


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