Sostanok so ministerot za zdravstvo na RM

Nie reprezentativna grupa na diplomirani medicinski laboranti barame sostanok so ministerot za zdravstvo za da gi izneseme nasite baranja vo odnos na promena na nasiot status vo zdravstveniot sistem. Vrsenje promeni i dopolnuvanja vo Pravilnikot za potrebniot prostor,oprema i strucen kadar za osnovanje,pocnuvanje so rabota i vrsenje na zdravstvena dejnost vo zdravstveni ustanovi donesen od ministerot za zdravstvo vrz osnova na clen 60 stav (5) od Zakonot za zdravstvena zastita(,,Sluzben vesnik na Republika Makedonija'', broj 43/2012).


Kristijan Kuzelov,Karposeva br.100/A,Sveti NIkole Diplomiran laborant po medicinska laboratoriska dijagnostika



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    William, Brazil

    2 years ago Comments: I totally agree with the above pesotr. I am also a musician that has been burned time and time again by the Trane. Can you believe they try and take 20% of the door for themselves? On a door gig? That's bullshit. I've only played there a few times, and have been disgusted by their policies. This city has other jazz clubs that treat musicians fairly let's all go there.
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    Rosse, Germany

    2 years ago Comments: To roy tan: Thanks! I've updated this post to idnulce the petition presentation, but have used another (poorer-quality) set of videos, because it is important to me to make clear that my speech was not limited to just Section 377A. I am not a single-issue MP, and I voted against the bill because of all three issues that I spoke about.To wensiong: I also found this distasteful. But I am not sure if there is anything I can do about it. What do you have in mind?
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    Svetlana, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I am happy to hear from this lady and that she is happy with the baby. The little one is so inecnnot. I was perturbed with Mr. mourdock who was hoping to be elected Senator in Indiana. He was pro-life except in the case of the life of ther mother. I saw that on a letter I got from a prolfe site in Virginia. I was uopset that he was not educated regarding rite to life. I am a Roman Catholic and eighty one years old, so I was around when the pill was brought out. In the case of a Catholic woman who is assaulted, she can go immediately to a hospital as conception does not take place in an instant.In this case, the seed is an aggressor and be taken care of. Once conceptiojn takes place, one cannot murder the baby who is so inecnnot. I explained as well the topic of ecropic pregnancy. In this case neither the mother or child can surviver and will kill both of them.This is not the case of saving the mother but must be done as both will die. I would hope in the next election that pro-lifers be well informed.Will keep these ladies in my prayers.Theresa B. Simmons
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