Investigate Chong Jin Jeon's fraud case!

We, the Jeon family, begin this petition because justice has not occurred and the truth has been unheard. Chong Jin Jeon, our father, who is a human being, is exempt from all human rights. His life as a father has been taken away, he does not have the liberty to be heard, cannot speak to defend himself, and faces various courts that are prejudiced against him. We need your help in restoring his human rights and saving his life. Our father could not find justice in the Supreme Courts of South Korea and Brazil, as well as the International Criminal Court. Thus, this petition is to ask the supreme court of justice, requesting for true justice. Large corporations can be very influential to a country's political government, as they become the source of the country's economic development. Yet, is it just to sacrifice a country's judiciary system in order to enhance its economic status Is money more valuable than honesty Since 1998, our family has been battling for justice, for the truth to be known. However, the power of a multinational corporation is beyond laws. The injustice our father faces is the proof of companies controlling the courts. Judges are bought, trials are inconsistent to justify corporate actions, and common laws are violated to support corporate needs. Chong Jin Jeon is a victim of corporate manipulation. He is the victim of an immense firm, who has the power to oppress him from telling the truth, keeping him in custody since 1998. Our father is the living proof of their corrupt crimes and violation of human rights for a profit. By revealing the truth of our father's case, you will prove to the world that money cannot buy justice and violate human rights. Please, give us a chance to reveal the facts, the documents we have, and the truth. Show us true justice and help us save our father's life, a human's life. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition text and for representing and protecting justice in this world. Please send this petition to your family and friends. Let them be aware of the injustice that occurs today. Sincerely, Jeniffer Jeon Suely Jeon Bonnie Jeon or


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    anthony galliot, France

    3 years ago Comments: da francia. Eu conheco muito bem j j. eu sei que ele e inocente. Ele e una pessoa muito boa.
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    Hyun S Park, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I just made a paypal donation for your familias petiton on paypal is reliable?
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    Hyun S Park, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I pray for the best of Mr. Stoney Jeon and family. God bless you and pray all will turn out well.
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