Fix the Bugs in Sonic the Hedgehog (360)

Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 console was released on November 14th 2006. Despite the game\'s level of supposed quality, it has many shortcomings. First and foremost, the loading times. The 360 is a powerful enough console that I shouldn\'t need to wait 15-30 seconds to play a stage. A Sudden drop in framerate while nothing spectacular is happening onscreen is inexcusable for a next-gen console. Fix the camera. Most noticebly during boss fights, the camera refuses to focus on the boss, and instead follows your main character, obscuring the view and complicating gameplay. Implement extra characters into free play mode. And while you are at it, fix the climbing abnormalities for Knuckles and Rouge. Also, Tails and Rouge are used far too often in the game to only have one attack. Incorporate the Super forms into normal gameplay. It was loved in the old Sega Genesis titles, and would help this game a great deal. Other slight issues include the wording in the achievements, many of which do not make any sense. Reincorporating the \'rumored\' Nights of Kronos hidden ending wouldn\'t hurt either. Overall, the game feels like it is only 75% done. Sega and Sonic Team disappointed many fans with the release of this title. Please repair that which is broken and at very least, release a patch to remedy the serious issues. The game was rushed to hit the deadline of Sonic\'s 15th anniversary, but I ask you Sega, is this how you choose to celebrate our beloved Blue Blur



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    2 years ago Comments: Please make a patch sega i love sonic 06 but it needs a patch.
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