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Almost every day I get from 10-16 messages saying "GET IN THE DANK RP SERVER, WE NEED YOUR HELP" and I can only say back "Let me get an admin" which sadly, 40% of the time, an admin is actually on which then leads me to say "Take a picture and grab his steamid and report it" which makes me feel like I'm not doing enough to help get rid of the mingebag trying to crash/ruin the server which happens alot. We currently have about 6 admins, and only 1 is active (not including Twizzle, Shadow, and Sweet Sugar) and he is Pingy. Most people once they become an admin, they think "YES IM AN ADMIN, ILL BE ON THE SERVER 24/7 AND BAN ALL BAD PEOPLE" but after 1 day, they get bored and annoyed and contract what is known as the "babysitter disease" which almost 80% of admins get, it is a disease that when they get admin, they get annoyed of going online, and getting 50 messages asking to ban this person, or to complain about you not doing your proper job, and they get sick of it, and become less and less active which is currently happening and is getting worse and pushing alot of pressure upon Pingy. I know I would be a good admin towards Dank and give it a HUGE decrease in successful mingebags (about 40% decrease) and I know I will not contract this babysitter disease due to the fact that I use to own a server and a clan, and went through minimal to no problems whatsoever with being an admin and was on at least 70% of the time during the day and never got sick of it, I loved being an admin, I never abused, I removed abusing admins, and people looked up to me and joined the clan usually. DANK, showing how it is a VERY populated server and has a lot of dedicated/regular players, needs to let those players know that they can know that this server will not crash, and will not be invaded by idiots and that they can make whatever they want without being prop killed/blocked, or rdm'd multiple times by the same purpose. I am not saying I am going to be a god admin, but I am sure close to it, I am probably the most active member on the server, and ask ANY of my ex-clan members, they can tell you, I did not abuse on my own server, at all, and I am sure, I will not abuse on the DANK Server, this is why I believe that I deserve admin. By signing this petition, you acknowledge that you are agreeing that I (Snowman) should become an admin on the DANK RP server not because you are my friend, or because you think I'll give you special admin-only things, but because YOU know it will benefit you and the server. Thanks, Snowman


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    Jaroniskool, United States

    6 years ago Comments: SNOWMAN would make a good admin
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    Penguin, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Good luck on getting admin Snowman! :D
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    Anynomous, United States

    6 years ago Comments: Yes.
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