Stop The Use Of Animals In Tobacco Tests!

Over the decades an unbelievable amount of animals have been tortured and murdered for that cigarette in your hand. Beagles have been used in the past due to their kind and gentle nature. Their throats were slit so to permenantly install a tube in which they were forced to smoke through, before being murdered and tested for signs of cancer, tumors and organ damage. Rabbits and mice have been painted with tar, and had it injected beneath their skin, leading to tumors. Monkeys have been forced to smoke every day of the week to determine the health risks. Why should these innocent animals suffer a life of fear and pain due to our own mistake? We are the ones who pick up that first cigarette, it is our own responsibility. No animal should die for that. By signing this petition you arehelpingto end thisunnecessaryact of torture.

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This petition was created by Katie Edwards.


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  • Farshid piraste Love

  • Debbie Ferguson smoking will never be safe for humans at least they have a choice to slowly kill themselfs. It's up to them, they know the risks of smoking. These poor animals don't have a clue what's going on, we don't have the right to do these experiments on them. Try giving ur own dog or cat for experiments, sickening in the 21 century I thought were supposed to move on to better things, were still doing the same experiments we did years and years ago and still nothing. Try it on the humans who do smoke, why should they object to the experiments they are killing themselfs anyway

  • Nathalie Lederer stip this insanity

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