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This petition is to show my Fiance that i\'m more important than a pub. He\'s bought a pub and seems to be more intertested in that than me and i\'ve not been to well and lost my nan. This is to prove that me (a person) is more important than a pub (a place) A quick text or call would be nice. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Smidge xXx





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    Lee, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: anneka u sound like a gimp shut up
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    John, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Smidge you are a lovely warm person and I, like many others would love to spend time with you and enjoy your company. There are lots of things that are important and we are not always able to do we would like. Its really sad your nan has died and that you are not well however I dont know if a petition will achieve what you seek. You should be talking things over, and try to agree to have time together and also be apart to do other things. Also dont just look for support off one person, I know there are loads of people you have cheered up and they just want you to be happy too, and to be honest are worried about you too. I know this is harsh but all I know is, I got a job thats important and friends that are important too. I try not to rely on any one thing. A lot of people go on about the work/life balance. We need to work to have a life but we should not have to work to live. And if I can plan things to look forward too it seems to fall into place. There are loads of things to do and people to meet, sometimes I dont have the money or the time but I know that wont always be the case and you done need a lot of money just to spend time with m8's. However if I want something I will wait and compromise or save up to enjoy it. If things dont happen sometims its no one's fault. Something else comes along. I am sorry if it sounds cruel but its not for me or others to interfere in a relationship. Just to wish you all the best. The only support I have to offer is my time while you are waiting. I hope and look forward to meeting again. Your partner is lucky to have someone like you, and its his loss if you cant resolve things, you will be fine when you realise you are a nice person with so much to offer and go back to having a laugh again with or without them. Smidge or the Pub, there should be time for both, and I am just trying to be fair and honest. HOWEVER I hope whatever happens you and you partner can find something you are both happy with. You both have feelings. Uncle John
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    Stacey, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Love youuu xx
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