weed should be aloud it dont kill

im hear today trying to get as much pep as i can to get heard about weed i think it should be legal cuz it duz not kill you never in a life time have you heard from it killing you just cuz they cant tax it then why cant we have it i did lots of looking up on weed befor i did this sight and obama was going to put weed legal but they got on him about it and told him it will give him a big chace of loosing so he went bak on his word ther is over 29000 pep geting high and they do it cuz they want to i mean if you think about it ther is more biger drugs out ther that they cany go after then just weed it is the lowest drug out ther uther drugs are killing pep and weed is just geting them high leting them feel good they give us all thes pills to try help us but what the docs never tell us is some of the pills they give us are hard as hell to stop taking oxy cottin got speed in it i ee pep to wher they can not go a day with out that pill it is not cuz they in pain it is cuz they got stuck on it and will die faster then anything that is what im saying they can kill us with all thes pills and stuff they give us but we cant get high when we want to it wont kill us it is are life but the state just wants to keep fighting us puting us in jail and wasting time on it but that is what im trying to say today i no it sounds like saying stuff on hear wont get heard but it will all i ask is for you to leave what you feel about weed if you feel the way do then put it in your words ther are 22 diff states that alow you to get high it is not all the way legal but they got a big chance of not going to jail for it ther but if you want is to be legal then tell me how you feel on this page and it will get out ther im righting to all the big pep to come see my page so say what you got to say see ya you boy slimg


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    trevor, United States

    6 years ago
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    destiny, United States

    6 years ago Comments: IT should be legalized it can help so many ppl, ppl who have sleeping problems, ppl with eating disorders and alot of other things!
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    Misty, United States

    6 years ago
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