Change in Outside Seating Ordinance!

The City of Holmes Beach Code Enforcement is charging us with being in violation of ther outside seating ordinance. We are told to appear at a hearing on Monday, July 16 at 10 a.m. to answer their charges and also possibly be fined $250.00-500.00 a day. Within just the last few years the City passed an ordinance allowing for only 8 seats outside for restaurants in Holmes Beach, unless you provide a costly site plan showing you have enough parking to account for over the 8 seats. This ordinance did not take into consideration what originally had been allowed throughout the years and the \"grandfather clause.\" Our family has owned this land and building for over 50 years and originally had and were allowed at least 4 tables with benches allowing for at least 16 people to sit and eat outside. We are a \"grandfathered\" business, as acknowledged by the City. We have repeatedly asked Code Enforcement Officer, Nancy Hall, to show us why we, therefore, are not being allowed to have more seating than the 8 (under the \"grandfather clause.\") To date, we have received nothing in that regard. We feel the City needs to revise their ordinance that only allows 8 seats outside for restaurants in Holmes Beach. By limiting restaurants through parking requirements the City is not considering the \"grandfathering\" nor taking into account the number of people patronizing restaurants that ride the trolley, beachgoers walking, cyclists, etc. When any establishment has the outside space, it should be able to utilize it properly for outside seating. Our neighboring island communities of Bradenton Beach, Anna Maria, and Longboat Key have certainly allowed their restaurants to have more than 8 seats outside. Thousands of tourists visit our island every year to enjoy the climate and beaches, and the local people live here for the same reasons! Anyone been to Key West lately Observe the outside seating everywhere. Our City leaders need to start listening to the people who live, work here, own businesses, pay high taxes, not to mention those who visit and support our economy and jobs.


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    Natalia, United States

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    Comments: So much of what Crest students and surprpteos of a bag fee (or ban) are trying to do is related to educating the masses about how harmful plastic and single use plastic bags are to us and our environment. One of the best ways is to view the film, Bag-it . There will be a few more free showings of the film in the next few months and I encourage anyone who has not seen the film to see it! Bag-it is an informative and entertaining movie that will make an ever lasting impression on you. If you have seen it, please encourage others to see it. IF you are in support of helping reduce plastic bag use please sign a petition in various stores or stop by The Crest (12th and G) to sign a petition.
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    Wind, Russian Federation

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    Comments: Oh yeah, fuablous stuff there you!
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    Moestamar, Lebanon

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    Comments: This sadly reminds me of the ttroure discussions, in a way. Not in terms of atrocity, but simply that everyone except Randy seems to be worried about effectiveness and whether they work, and even Leonard seems to have staked his position based on it not working. Yet the more obvious and salient question is, should the City be punishing people for sitting down when they have nowhere else to sit? And furthermore, should they at least be holding up their end of the bargain, whatever the excuse for not having appropriate services ready? Yeah, there's a recession. Guess who knew it before you? The people getting cited for sit-lie. Legally and morally, the arguments have been clearly stated and won't change with 5000 more months of community process: sit-lie is an inappropriate attempt to shun and move along those that we're already doing an injustice to by allowing them to remain homeless when they desire shelter. This is a surprising and disappointing position Commissioner Fritz has taken, not at all in keeping with my pre-election view of her.
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