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Dear Randal Wisbey, Ricardo Graham, Don Schneider, and Jan Paulsen: We, by signing this petition, reaffirm our belief in a literal six-day creation as expressed in Genesis 1. We are concerned in regards to the alleged teaching of theistic macroevolution as fact in some of our Adventist colleges and universities. And we lift our voices in agreement with the open letter from ASI Missions Inc. "that this dialog move to a point where parents and prospective students have a full disclosure ... so they can make informed decisions...." (1) NOTE (1): If you would like to receive updates on this issue via email, please include your email address in the form below. NOTE (2): After you've signed the petition, you will be prompted to give a donation to iPetition. This is not required, and the money does not go to (1) PETITION PASSWORD: To prevent spammers from leaving inappropriate comments on the petition you will be required to input a code, which can only be provided by emailing us at


This petition is sponsored by The petition was delivered personally to La Sierra President, Randal Wisbey, on November 2, and then to La Sierra Board of Trustees Chair, Ricardo Graham, on November 8. The Board of Trustees released three documents that can be read here: Currently, Educate Truth is evaluating the action taken by the board.


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    Wade Nathan, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I reaffirm my belief that young earth, six-day creationist philosophy seems to be growing weaker by the year, thankfully. I hope your Adventist colleges teach only "Christ-based" science, so fewer students will attend. So, I agree with the petition.
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    Ahmud Ackbar, United States

    5 years ago Comments: This petition is retarded. The universe is 13.25 Billion years old and the earth is 4.5 Billion years old. Not only is Darwinian evolution with natural selection as the driving force essentially correct, creationism is a blatant denial of facts and the very nature of reality. The big bang occurred, the universe is expaning, abiogenesis occurred on earth, and evolution lead to the differentiation of a few bacteria into hundreds of millions of species. You are all stupid. If god exists he will surely send you all to hell for blatantly ignoring the true grandeur of this universe. Evolution does not denigrate you or god, it gives a peak into the true complexity, beauty, and patience that can be found within a gods mind. Fools.
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    Peter Brown, United Kingdom

    5 years ago
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