SIREN 2 PETITION To whom it may concern, at SONY (SCEJ): We the undersigned, who are part of the North American (NA) region which is comprised of the United States; are submitting this Petition to SONY because of a rumor circulating on the Internet concerning the upcoming game : SIREN 2. The rumor that SIREN 2 is not going to be released in the United States is distressing to all American fans of: SIREN; and we want SONY to know that there is a large and growing fan base in the U.S. for this game; and it would be a mistake on SONY\'S part, if it fails to release SIREN 2 in the U.S.A. American gamers would also like to communicate their desire to SONY (if the game is released to the U.S. market); their wish, to be able to play the game (optionally available) in its original Japanese incarnation, through the aid of English Subtitles. Signers: 1.) 2.)


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    Cicley Sickles, United States

    3 years ago State: Virginia
    Country: United States
    Comments: I am a big fan of forbidden siren.I absolutely loved the first one and still playing it over and over again. it really disappointed me when it left off where it did at the end and left me wondering what ever happens to the main character or the rest of the main characters... when I heard that siren2 was already out. I wanted to buy it and play it. unfortunately found out that it would not play on my PS2 because it was not released here in the states!! and only released in Europe and Asia.. so it was a waste of money buying a pal version format of siren2 when I don't have a foreign PS2. I have been looking for other ways to play this game and havent found a solution, I have talked with other gamers and not to mention workers at gamestop who don't have a blue's clue... I would like to see Sony release Siren 2 to the states. I don't want to be left hangin here with just part of the story.. I would like to continue on with the story of this game. :)
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    Ricky Johnson, Canada

    5 years ago State: -
    Country: Canada
    Comments: If it DOES come over here, PLEASE keep it uncensored (or "tailored" for North American audiences)
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    Turbo Baby Puncher, United States

    5 years ago State: Illinois
    Country: United States
    Comments: -
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