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    TraySinny, United States

    7 years ago Comments: yea!
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    SidVicious1980, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: I'm signing this petition just so whoever does sign this and is genuinely trying to get Sinny knocked off knows that I think they're morons. There's room enough on Nowlive for many shows even though because of abuse by certain admins, and powers that be as well as drama, many users have been chased off the site for this reason. TraySinny runs a good show, an entertaining show while the bashers just use and waste all their energy bashing him that could be spent making their own shows better. It's the ultimate act of immaturity to try to have somebody knocked off of a site just because you personally have a problem with them. If you have a problem with Tray, man up and tell him what your problem is. Don't do this lame behind the back bs. Nowlive these days has been taken to grade school level by the acts of a few morons. Hopefully one day people will smarten up and Nowlive will once again be a better place like it used to be. Stop the grade school antics people, if I stooped down to your level I would be making a petition against your petition about now but what's the point It's LAME and so is this whole petition thing here to begin with. Also if you feel to bothered by somebody in a show or a show itself, ignore that person and stay out of the show and just worry about your own selves. I could say the names of several people, some of which are admins, some of which aren't that make Nowlive worse. TraySinny is nowhere near cracking this list however I have noticed some of the REAL problems have signed this petition.
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    James Swain, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This has been building for some time, and I hope the powers that be finally see that this is not helping the site.
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