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As a citizen of the city of Burbank CA where Nicole Richie drove her SUV the wrong way on the 134, incidently less than a mile from my home,high, and on vicodin I am outraged that she is allowed to drive,and THAT HER SHOW IS ON THE AIR. I like E!, just for the soup, but this show is demeaning to woman, is a bad influence on young girls, and the things that these girls get away with, they are now getting away with in real life. I was also outraged that Nicole be allowed to fly no NYC, and sit with David Letterman and laugh about it. While paris is in jail i hope we hear less and less about her, yet i turn on the TV and there she is, with her friend Nicole, doing whatever she wants. I will put this petition up for two weeks. Please sign and Stop This Show


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    Paul Lloyd, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: No Don't Cancel the show, You Dont Like watching them then turn over. Its people like you that get shows that people actually enjoy watching, get cancelled. You have a remote, change the channel for christ sake. get a life and save the simple life
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    Samantha Mitchell, Australia

    8 years ago Comments: The simple life is a trash show with two trashy no talent bimbos, it's a freaking joke GET RID OF IT! no one I know watches that garbage anyway.
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    Valinda Fox, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Stop promoting these lawbreaking sleezebags. I believe thy do have influence on the teen and young adults that watch their show. I will get my entertainment elsewhere untill the simple life is cancelled.
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