Dihydrogen monoxide or what it is well known as DHMO is a colorless and odorless chemical. I think this chemical should be banned from all uses in the United States. DHMO is known to cause thousands of people deaths. Dihydrogen monoxide has a major effect on global warming and the greenhouse effect. DHMO also plays a role in cancer and the causes of cancer. DHMO is used against animals as well as other things. One reason why DHMO should be banned is it is known for thousands of deaths. It plays a huge role in cancer and the cause of cancer. DHMO also damages your tissue. Dihydrogen monoxide also gives you life threating side effects. Also it gives gaseous that can cause severe burns. DHMO is also found in pre-cancerous tumors. Secondly DHMO has a major effect on the world and the world tragedies. This deadly chemical is a major contributor to global warming and also the greenhouse effect. DHMO has a high rate especially in creeks, streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes. There is a high rate of DHMO being dumped and DHMO dumping is illegal. Also for some cruel reason DHMO is given to dogs. DHMO was found in samples of ice in the artic and Antarctic ice caps. Thirdly DHMO is used wrongly. The reason it is so deadly because acid rain showers are occurring. DHMO is used by farmers to use on the cows. In fact dhmo is found in milk that we drink ! DHMO is the single most largest contaminant of milk. So the next time you purchase milk read and see if it is DHMO free. In conclusion DHMO is a deadly chemical. It is the cause of thousands of deaths. It is the cause of a lot of damage done to your body. DHMO is used for all the wrong reasons. It's used to give to dogsand dumped in lakes, creeks, rivers, ponds, and streams. Also it is a cause of cancer. So help me ban this deadly chemical from human resources and uses.


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