Save the Shuk לשמר את השוק

We the Undersigned Support the work of Lemallah Organization to Preserve the Farmers Market in Jerusalem forever as an open fresh food market

אנו החתומים מטה 
 תומכים במאמצים של יום טוב יוסף כדי לשמר את השוק לנצח
אנחנו נגד התוכנית הסודית של העירייה להפוך את השוק לקניון


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    Ondrej Simek, Czech Republic

    3 years ago Comments: -
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    Anthony Ramsamy, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: Look here people, I know we live in modern times but must we modernise everything. Why can we not let things be and just appreciate it for what history has bestowed upon us and marvel at our heritage? If we kept modernising things we tend to lose track of where we started from and yes it may look like nice and wonderous but if we were asked what is the meaning behind this creation of, in this case a mall, it has none so you think carefully would you rather have people walk down a old meaningful market place or a mall which no history? It is the equivalent discussing whether or not you would like to take down the statue of liberty because you would think a theme park would better suit the people but on the contrary it doesn't hold a lot of significance for the people.
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    Brinda Ramsamy, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: I pray that the Jerusalem Shuk Mehane Yehudah is not destroyed but preserved for it's rich and interesting history and for jewish people to continue using it for many kinds of activites. It is one of my favourite markets in Jerusalem, bustling with lots of people with such a joyful atmosphere and sense of close and strong community spirit. I pray countless people will sign this petition to help save this special market place.
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