Students against Graduation at Sears Center

The graduation ceremonies for all five District U-46 high schools have been moved to the Sears Center at the whim of District heads, presumably for convienence. This will result in the stripping down of the graduation ceremonies at all five schools, making all five ceremonies identical with the exception of what students are present and the sign on the front door. Graduating students have fufilled four years of high school (in most cases) and are reqarded with a diploma. This diploma, the proof of high school completion, is presented at the very graduation ceremony which is being so damaged by district employees with little relation to the school and apparently little idea of what students desire. Though the Sears Center does present some advantages, such as larger seating space and a better sound system, it also presents a number of disadvantages; 1- Students will be graduating at an unfamiliar building as opposed to the field where they have had gym class and watched football games for years. We should have the right to graduate at the school where we have lived for the past four years. 2- Individual school bands will no longer be playing any selections at graduation. Instead, recordings will be played for musical pieces such as The Star Spangled Banner and Pomp and Circumstance. 3- Our individual graduation ceremonies will not be distuingishable from each other, in other words; our ceremonies will not be unique. 4- The students voices are being ignored at the whim of the district. This should be the students\' decision to make. If you are against these changes to the end of the year graduation ceremonies, please sign this petition to send a message to the U-46 District staff.


District U-46 students to be effected by these unwarranted changes.


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    Krystal Christensen, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I think that as a student in distict U-46, we should decide we graduation should be. Every high school is unique in there own ways but if we are forced to have graduation in the same building isn't right. Working 4 hard years to get to the point of graduation...don't you think the students have a right to say where they want to walk This is a once in a lifetime thing.
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    Steven, United States

    8 years ago
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    rory jeanniton, United States

    8 years ago
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