Keep printing the awesome Shonen Jump magazine!

Dear Shonen Jump publishers, We, the people, love your magazine just the way it is. Please don't go all high-tech on us and abandon those who love the printed word. The Alpha idea is okay, but doesn't include all the series in the current magazine. Plus, we will miss the monthly arrival of the newest issue and pixels will never take the place of the joy that comes flipping real pages. It is not to late to change your mind. Please listen to your loyal fans and readers who all love your manga magazine extravaganza.


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    Sarah Goldstein, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I LOVED THE PRINT VERSION!!!
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    Vernon Albert Cabading, Philippines

    3 years ago Comments: The idea for a digital magazine is good. But completely removing the printed version is definitely not a bright idea. Maybe going high-tech is a very future-oriented move, but I suggest you try it out WITH the printed version still going... and when everyone starts getting used to the digital magazine and starts preferring it over the printed, that's when you can stop issuing the printed version... that, I sincerely believe... about scanlations... come on... give fans the freedom also to help those that are financially incapable of paying your fees... I know you are doing this as business, but as artists, it's also you're duty to inspire people... and limiting your reach to only those that "can" pay is definitely being selfish and greedy... my suggestion is, try arranging a deal with scanlators... forge out a deal that will help both parties survive... don't kill scanlations, they are our only hope of reading YOUR wonderful magazine series... thanks...
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    Rory-Chan, United States

    3 years ago Comments: -
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