Sherm Feller Belongs in The Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame

Sherm Feller was the greatest ballpark announcer in Red Sox history. Sherm’s famous “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Fenway Park” is still used on TV , radio, and all over the internet. Sherm’s induction into The Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame is long overdue. Please sign this petition to be sent to The BoSox, The Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame Committee, Dick Bresciani, Boston Red Sox Historian, and creator of the Red Sox H.O.F..


Gary Titus


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  • dan frank One of the great anouncers of all times!!!

  • Art Johnson I had the good fortune to attend many, many games at Fenway Park where Sherm's iconic voice would resonate through the stands. It became an integral part of the experience of attending a game there. Voices such as those of Sherm Feller, Curt Gowdy and Ned Martin are part of the fabric of Red Sox history.

    Sherm surely belongs in the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

    Art Johnson
    Newberry, FL
    formerly of
    Andover, MA

  • Sheryl Fleitman Sherm was our next door neighbor for years. Quite a character with a huge heart!

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  • This was the highest compliment to date from the late Carl Beane.....I just discovered this fabulous website. A very dear friend told me about this and after reading through it, I felt I had to write. I have covered the Red Sox as a radio reporter for 27 years and along the way got to know the wonderful voice I heard as a child when my late father would take my two younger brothers and me on the bus from Springfield, Ma to Fenway Park. When I was a child I told everybody that someday I would be a Red Sox announcer. I loved listening to Sherm, then would have a laugh after every ballgame when Sherm would sit in the media room and tell those wonderful stories in that one of a kind voice. He became a great friend and in a way a mentor to me due to his involvement in radio and as the Voice of Fenway Park. In 2003, my dream came true. I now occupy that position as the P. A. announcer at Fenway. Every game, I pay tribute to Sherm. I tap his picture just outside the booth and ask him to get me through another game. I use the same greeting he did because it was and is perfect. I always say to anyone who asks about the job, that "I'll never fill his shoes, but I do get to sit in his chair". Bob Sheppard, the long time voice of Yankee Stadium, was a good friend of Sherm's and over the years has shared stories about him with me. Mr. Sheppard had a great deal of respect for him, as do I. I agree that Sherm should be honored in a special way, and I intend this summer to offer his name for induction into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. He deserves it and it is the right thing to do. I have already spoken to some of the Red Sox executives about this, so it will be brought up at the proper time. I hope it happens. Sherm Feller was and will always be the "Voice of Fenway Park". He was my friend, and ironically, he died 4 years to the day that my dad passed away. I miss them both very much. Respectfully submitted, Carl Beane