Stop Shark Finning!

Hey guys! This is to show your support for the movie Sharkwater! I had seen this movie over the weekend and it had really made an impact in my life over the next few days! I'd cried twice while watching the movie, and the next day at work because of the way people were just ripping sharks out of the ocean, slicing off their fins and throwing them back into the water! A camera had followed one of the sharks, only to watch it fall to the bottom of the ocean ALIVE and die there.... :( They were beating turtles and seals and this is all unnecessary! Firstly, people kill skarks for their fins which is used in Shark Fin soup in Asia, the funny thing is that it doesn't actually give the soup any flavour, it's only used for the texture! There is no reason for this! If you watch the movie, it goes into details about how sharks are actually helping OUR existence! People are killing more than 50,000 sharks a day! fill out the above form and help save sharks... There will be no SPAM sent to your email, just a thank you! For Queensland waters aswell this website needs 5000 signatures and since I signed I had only seen 503!!! PLEASE SIGN THIS ASWELL! This will stop shark finning in Queensland waters off the Great Barrier Reef!


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    Oliveea Bertin

    4 months ago Comments: -
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    Hywel, Hong Kong

    1 year ago Comments: I hope this stops shark finning or at least makes an impact.
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    Michael Yacovone, United States

    1 year ago Comments: very sad to see are eco system getting ripped a part for the texture of a soup this is just stupid. Also hurting or killing other ocean life is insane when there is no need for these barbaric acts which should be crime.
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