BRING BACK SHANE AND KIM (long-term)!!!!!!!!!! (Charles Shaughnessy & Patsy Pease)

This petition is signed by the loyal fans of Shane and Kimberly (Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease ) on Days of Our Lives. We as fans felt cheated and crushed by the way the Shane and Kimberly saga was ended on Days of Our Lives, and most of us stopped watching the show entirely after their last break-up. We believe bringing them back long-term would improve your show's ratings and content as well as attract back the mature audience you have lost with your focus on younger characters. (Their return to Salemwould also spur the appearance of their children, Andrew and Jeannie, to bring new young adult issues into the show.) Charles and Patsy are incredible actors with a magnetic chemistry which has continued to hold fans in awe for the last 25 years. We still have not forgotten the magic they exuded from our tv screens....You have thrown us a few crumbs over the years with brief appearances that sent us flocking to our screens, only to be disappointed by the fleeting backburner-visitor roles you have given our superstars. Shane and Kim were THE Supercouple of the 80's and have remained so in our minds and hearts all this time. Please gives us the lengthy reunion our loyalty deserves and let us enjoy your show once again...



  • Mary Bringing back Kim (Patsey Pease) would really add to the show and make for some wonderful story lines.

  • Christine Please bring back Kim and Shane for good. Also bring back their son Andrew. I am THRILLED Eve Shane's daughter is coming back
    I am so glad to see Theresa. One idea that I have is if Jordan and Rafe don't work out they could pair him with Theresa. Rafe could help to straighten Theresa out and they could make them a super couple. Another idea is to pair Theresa with EJ or Philip Kirakis. I am not crazy about her with Brady. Then Kim, Shane and the Brady could be up in arms about the situation.

  • joyce lowe i would love see the older ones back mimi shaune and bella

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