Long Live the Ultimate Life!

Everyone saw Shadow fall to Earth at the end of SA2(B). But did he die Whether he did or not, we already have confirmation that he isn\'t appearing in the next 2 or 3 games. Why not! He\'s an awesome character with an intriguing past that needs to be cleared up! Everyone I know wants to know what really happened 50 years ago, and thinks he\'s one of the best characters in the Sonic universe. We can\'t let them kill him off! We can\'t let him die! Sign this petition to tell Sonic Team to put him in another game! Shadow deserves it.


My site\'s sponsor will be sponsoring this petition, I think: Angelfire.


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    ToonBoy Dan

    6 months ago Comments: We all want him to live on!
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    Daniel Van Ness, United States

    10 months ago Comments: Let's just say he survived.
  • username

    ToonBoy Dan

    10 months ago Comments: "Chaos Blast!"
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