SFEIS PLAN for Shelby Farms Pkwy

Petition to Refrain from Approving SFEIS plan and Consider other Plans
for Shelby Farms Parkway (aka Kirby Parkway)

The City of Memphis, Shelby County, and the State of Tennessee have developed a plan, called the Supplemental Final Environmental Impact Statement (SFEIS), to build Shelby Farms Parkway (aka Kirby Parkway) through our irreplaceable Shelby Farms Park. The current plan would cause great danger to our environment. It would threaten damage to the Memphis aquifer (the source of our great drinking water). It affects the floodplain (increasing the odds of flooding). The roadway costs too much, provides limited (and uncalculated benefits, allows tractor-trailers to cross the park, and is in conflict with Federal Law and a Supreme Court ruling which severely restricts building roadways across public parks.

The study that produced the plan was mismanaged. Vital information was withheld. The public was not adequately informed. Less impactful, less costly, alternatives were not considered. We are seeking a new study -- a more objective, more thorough, less manipulated, and more transparent study; to produce a plan which is much less impactful, less expensive, and completely justified with cost-benefit analysis.

Action Petitioned For:
We the undersigned are concerned citizens who strongly urge the political leaders of Memphis and Shelby County to review alternative transportation plans to meet projected needs while taking into account environmental impacts prior to approving any plans (SFEIS or other) for Shelby Farms Parkway (aka Kirby Parkway)


Sierra Club Chickasaw Group (Memphis and West Tennessee)








  • Carol Tabor Do not take this area away from our future enjoyment. It is such a treasure and should be held in the highest esteem, with respect for its beauty.

  • Jenessa Gebers Don't ruin the largest park within city limits with traffic!!

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