Setting up a 'Free School' for high functioning children in Plymouth

Many high functioning autistic children aren't achieving their full potential due to the lack of support available to them in the current educational system. If they do not have a learning difficulty they won't necessarily fit the criteria for a specialist unit but with socia/lsensory//behavioural difficulties they often struggle in a mainstream setting. The National Autistic Society recognises there is a gap in the education system for these children and have begun setting up 'Free Schools' to help cater for their needs. A group of parents have got together and decided that something needs to be done and we are petitioning for a school like this to to be set up in Plymouth. Please sign this petition to show your support and pass onto as many people as possible. Thank you



  • Anonymous Would be a very valuable resource for Devon/Plymouth, who knows what will be the needs of my toddlers in the future but I would be very glad of it being there if needed and I also know of a friend whose child it may well benefit.

  • Tara Vassallo Specialist and/or integrative services for children with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC's) are woefully inadequate in this country and in many areas non-existent. What is available is often outdated or poorly executed, sometimes doing more harm than good, with lack of funds most commonly cited as the reason for the deficiencies. If the argument for lack of services is just about money, then it does not withstand scrutiny as the cost/benefit analysis has been done to death. Levels of investment in the early years, so our children go on to be independent, highly contributing, tax paying members of society, is miniscule compared to the enormous costs of providing lifelong state-funded support and care, if no proper investment is made during a child's formative years. Effective evidence based, early intervention and education are critical, if lifelong dependency and diminished outcomes are to be avoided. However we need the policy makers to be brave and have vision that goes beyond that of the next elective term.

  • susan bull I have a autistic child and its been so stressful trying to find the right secondary school for him for september as there r not enough special needs schools in Plymouth to many children and not enough spaces in the schools that have special provisions so many people I have been talking to this year have said a new school is need so good luck

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