Robert was re-sentenced in 1991, and given "ALL TIME SERVED IN THE DOC", but the NEW re-sentence, was not documented, until 2007. Robert is entitled to an immediate release, and is being held illegally! He has been DENIED his release, without cause! Something has got to be found out behind the court system on this, and why he is being denied. He has spent 33 yrs. in prison for a crime committed when he was 16 yrs. old! No one was hurt...  This is his story... Parental abuse & neglect led to a runaway’s crime. His step dad beat him unmercifully with a 2x4. His mother not protecting him. At 15 yrs. old, Robert W. Nielson was bribed by two older guys, who had criminal records, while he was a run away. Being  immature,  he made a wrong choice. Tried as an adult in court, Robert was convicted, and sentenced to 25 yrs. He was given the same sentence as the other two older, felons, who put blame on him. Being scared to death, and immature, Robert tried to escape, tacking on more time, and was transported to one of Fl. most dangerous prisons. He was re-sentenced in 1991, (almost 10 yrs. later) and was given “ALL TIME SERVED IN THE DOC”... but the transcripts were “lost” and the court docket paperwork didn’t get documented until 2007. However, he waited patiently, never realizing that this mistake had occurred. In the meantime, Oprah Whinfrey visited Florida State Prison. She was doing a documentary on “youth offenders”, and Robert walked her down the Central Hallway, sharing his story, and while she held his hand, she said she was “appalled” at the time he was given, that it didn’t match the crime. When Oprah let go of Roberts hand, she told him to keep her abreast of his situation. Oprah grew more in the public eye, as Robert continued on with no change. When he learned of the missing transcript, and the “forgotten” documents from his re-sentencing, (which would have set him virtually free,) Robert filed a motion to appeal his case, again. He did his research, and wrote his own Mandamus. Thus DOC told him that “he” needed to provide “them” with the transcript that the DOC has “lost” in the system. After, he got his case into the court, again, they denied him, and so he appealed again, going to the next higher court. The 2nd DCA... For two years he awaited his ruling. They put him on the emergency panel, and expedited his case. He knew that they had to release him, due to the re-sentencing. The emergency panel, took 6 months, and then came the rule. They “rubber stamped” DENIED without reason. It was easier to deny, then to admit a mistake took place. It is easier for someone to go “to” prison, than to a shelter, or rehab. because our government gives the state money to operate the Department of Corrections, and in order to keep these prison jobs, they have to keep sending people to prison. Robert has seen many murders come and go, only to return. The DOC will let a murderer go free, before a drug user, so they can say, it’s the reason they deny inmates freedom, because they will just commit more crime, and return, using more of the states monies to reinstate them back into the system. Robert was convicted in 1983, and 33 yrs. later, he still resides in the DOC. An artist like Michelangelo, his drawing of Christ resides in the St. Augustine museum, today. He has well paid his dues. The state has abundantly-earned tax payers  money on him, and his whole life has been in the “clasp of the system” but he has never given into it. It's time for him to give back to society...  He is stronger today, as a man looking back on past mistakes.Robert is engaged to be married, and wants nothing more than peace, and to be a law  abiding, responsible citizen. He has a love for life, and wants nothing more than his freedom. Please, sign this petition for him, being a part of something bigger. The prison system is brutal, oppression, & abusive. Robert has had to endure this existence for 33 yrs., now. Prison is meant for criminals who murder, rape, and molest children, and never feel sorry for the crimes they commit. Robert is not a criminal and never hurt anyone.  He is a changed man, for the betterment of other people. He has big dreams, & hopes to  help teenagers. Many will hear his story, and his hope for them, is to stay out of trouble, to make better choices, and about making “more” out of the life they have, because this life is “all” we have, but helping others in this world, is what life is all about. I can only pray & THANK YOU, FOR SIGNING THIS PETITION, in hopes of getting media attention to this injustice. God bless you.



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