Server Change Coupons Allowed for ALL

Many maplers have felt the recent urge to change a server, to maximize gameplay with friends, or try something new. However, a portion of the mapling population is unable to achieve this feat, because they are what is known as, the "non-legit" players. This statement is completely false, as many of the people off rankings, such as myself, where banned wrongfully and falsely by Nexon's GM service. Although this service helps to keep MapleStory running, they are not perfect and do occasionally make mistakes. Although their rigid banning policy is to help keep the "hackers" from gaining many of the privileges that the law-abiding citizens of MapleStory retain, sometimes these rules can go awry and disallow many actually legitimate players from accessing the full potential of the game. Thus, this leads us into the topic of Server Change Coupons, which are used to change servers or worlds in MapleStory for a marginal fee. However, as this privilege is provided only to the so called legitimate players of MapleStory, this alienates the minority of legitimate off ranking players from enjoing this privilege. Therefore, the privilege of server change coupons should be allowed to the whole and entire population of MapleStory, to help the legitimate banned characters regain some of the honor that they lost tragically by chance. I plead with you to sign this petition to bring to Nexon's eyes, the probelms with the Server Change Coupons, and how the alienate the minority of MapleStory unfairly. With regards, The undersigned


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    your mom, United Arab Emirates

    7 years ago Comments: yes....hackers should be able to change servers infact lets put them all in one server....lets see you vacc an already vacced map(vacc wars)
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    Guy of Die, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I agree with what everyone else is saying Yo creo lo que todos los otras personas estan hablando
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    I didn't sign, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: I am a haxxor and want to world change to a less populated world so people cannot see me!! I am unranked because I got caught once, but it wasn't a perma-ban! please let me world change!!
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