24-Hour Service for Seoul Public Transportation

Seoul Metropolitan Government adopted the \"Soul of Asia\" slogan in 2006. For Seoul to truly BE and BE KNOWN as a world-class city, the life-line of the city must remain open 24-hours a day. Foreigners to Seoul may agree that the night-life is lacking. The most notable reason why is because the public transportation system (subways and buses) closes around midnight. Everyone is already figuring out how they are going to get home and avoid the ridiculously expensive taxi cab fare, by 10pm. Getting a taxi to drive you to your destination can be a challenge in itself, as some cab drivers refuse to drive to a certain location. I hope to present this petition to city hall with as many names as possible, to show the Seoul Metropolitan Government that Seoul residents want a public transportation system that is both inexpensive and equitable, but quite simply, meets the needs of its people. This petition is not a feasibility study. It is simply to state that you, as a Seoul commuter, would like 24-hour or late-night service. Please sign-up to show your support, and send Seoul City Government a powerful message that will be heard at the next Seoul Town Hall Meeting. ************************************************ Please click the \"email friends\" tab and notify your friends as well. We need as many signatures as soon as possible.


Seoul Commuter Committee


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    Ashish, United States

    3 years ago Comments: JUWEON (JONATHAN) I love the video and the news clip .and doood!!!! yup find out what music and tunZ the AUSSIES like so imma play em some tunes and also dedicate some songs for all the cstetotanns out there from the EVENING GROOVE! send us msgs and at anytime i will do so and fill in our listeners and all the Groovers round the world of your where abouts and we miss u already in KOREA!!! don't forget to sleep big sis worryin bout ya but i can just imagine the excitement !!! Im so happy for ya and all the cstetotanns and tell em if they want a song or dedication or request i will be in the studio on MON~ for ya's . GOOD LUCK and yeah, my fave contestant is still JUWEON from KOREA!!! and ARIRANG RADIO!!! yipppeeeeee!!!~GOOOOO JUWEON and let us know if your missing anything from here we will send it out to ya! besides your girl of course~ hahahahaha~
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    Aixell, Russian Federation

    3 years ago Comments: To answer your Q~ of how we think your day was? OMG! its like ur ROYALTY our there!!! woot, woot!!! all of ya desvere THE BEST and yeah, Dong-a.com hahahaha~ not to worry MORE to come~you'll see ^_- (wink) but that is awesome that they had bulgogi for ya!!! Keep up the good work, and last night there was a few of us hangin at the RANG till wayyy late like 1am-ish, me my PD, Kang pd, kim In kyu boo-jang, Jun Cha Jang, Song PD and the belly dancer PD we were just taking in that the next day was a holiday~ and I told them to look at your blog and all i could think bout is how we miss u at the RANG -late hours before your trip out there of how HARD you worked till the crack of DAWN~ working on all this U DESERVE it dood keep up the good work, and proud of ya~ your persistence, consistency, eagerness, and the charm and wit of having fun but still knowing that its a challenge out there w/ such great contestants next to ya!~ we're here backing u up too~^^ and good luck and HAPPY CHILDREN's DAY!!! ^^
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    Roman, Russian Federation

    3 years ago Comments: Jon Regardless of the outcome, I still feel you would have been the best iaslnd caretaker (FWIW).In the end, one can only guess at the kind of person, qualifications and ideas that TQ is/was looking for.I read somewhere that TQ is thinking of making this an annual event Lord knows if I'd be up for that kind of emotional turmoil again, but basing what I saw from the first go-round, TQ is definitely looking for someone in the younger crowd.I really enjoyed your Hamo updates and know that it was a huge undertaking, with the schedule y'all were under so THANKS! I tried to plug you as much as I could, but maybe that was the KOD rather than a help? :p (Kind of like washing a car and hoping it doesn't rain).I hope you continue to blog and if you EVER come to Vancouver (or Vancouver Island), I'd for sure be hugely disappointed if you didn't call. I'd really enjoy meeting you IRL.It'll be interesting to follow It's Ben! and see if it positively affects the bottom line for Tourism Queensland (honestly think there are larger, overriding factors that are already in play that guarantees numbers will be down), but who knows?Best of luck to you! See you around the net.Cheers,-stk
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