Semilanes within each lane - for 2 wheelers in HYD

However warm and friendly it's citizens might claim to be, the traffic sense in Hyderabad does not reflect even a fraction of all that! Though everyone simply writes off any possibility of fixing this critical issue, it helps to identify and address at least one of the several causes. All of us understand that one of the basic reasons for this chaos on the roads is the lack of lane discipline! Well, let's start with what a lane is supposed to be - A lane is a carriage way on the road that can accommodate one vehicle at a time. Ideally each and every vehicle on the road must stick to a lane. A lane is visually indicated using a dashed white line. Interestingly, 2 wheelers are somehow completely immune to the concept of lane system. The primary reason for this is that the lanes on the roads are basically designed for cars and other bigger vehicles. So, though the existing laning system prevalent around the world is great for 4 wheelers, it fails miserably on roads dominated by 2 wheelers! We need to think differently, and we cannot blindly borrow the laning system prevalent in other developed countries. This is where our petition comes in - a proposal to create a semilane! A semilane is, as the name suggests, half of a normal lane. So, typically every lane consists of two semilanes. The semilanes are separated using a thin dotted line, unlike the lanes which are separated by thick dashed lines. So, while the bigger vehicles stick to their usual lanes, a 2 wheeler would have to stick to the semilane. That means, even when the 2 wheeler wants to move within a lane, into another semilane, the light indicator would have to be used before doing so. If every vehicle on the road sticks to their lanes, indicating each time they switched lanes, driving would be a lot more easier! By providing a more specific driving area for a 2 wheeler we will definitely make life easier for everyone. However, we need to make it clear that we are not proposing to separate lanes for 2 wheelers, all lanes will still be shared by all vehicles depending on their speed and destination, but a 2 wheeler at given time should stick to it's semilane. So, here's an appeal to GHMC, HMDA and the Hyderabad Traffic Police to consider the concept of semilanes. Even if you do not belong to Hyderabad or India, please feel free to endorse this petition if you feel that it'll help. Thank you!


This petition is brought to you by HyCARE - Hyderabad City Association for Road Ethics


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