Donald Semenec was given a life sentencestruck for his involvement in the murder of supposed gang leader Bobby Kent. Semenec who has been incarcerated since 1993 was never proven to have a motive. The supposed ringleader of the murder, one of Semenec\'s co-defendants was given a life sentence, however it was later reduced. This said ringleader has since been released and is leading a normal life, one filled with freedom and empathy. Semenec is currently serving a life sentence along with Marty Puccio and Derek Kaufman. Puccio, the best friend of Bobby Kent dealt the fatal blow which inevitably killed him. Derek Kaufman was a supposed \"hitman\" hired to aid the inexperienced group of kids in the murder. How is it that Semenec can be serving the same sentence as these two men. In my opinion justice has yet to be served in this case. Donald Semenec deserves a new trial. The hopes of this petition is to gain 200 signatures. Once and if this happens this petition will be sent to the Florida Law Makers.


Sponsoring this petition are two very big supporters of the injustice dealt to Donald Semenec. If anyone out there agrees with our cause, and wants to help end this injustice please email Gina Creazzo and Tiffeny Werner at: SOURGYRL@NETSCAPE.COM.


  • Nicole Is this kid from Palm bay I live there. I wanna know more about this. Anybody got any info ?

  • Anonymous I feel his sentence to be reduced. How is the ringleader of this out and he is still incarcerated?

  • josh flaherty michael pitt is awesome

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    Comments: Is this kid from Palm bay I live there. I wanna know more about this. Anybody got any info ?
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