Ireland is a nation of Self Builders - little homes dot the countryside - they are what make Ireland 'Home' to millions of people - these homes are set to be NO MORE.

Our Forefathers constructed family homes with their bare hands & they fought for our Freedom. Now in 2014 - we, the citizens of Ireland have to fight once more - this time we are fighting for the right to be able to provide a home for our families.
Building Control (Amendment) Regulation S.I.9 came into force on Saturday, March 1st, 2014. These Regulations, known as S.I.9 prohibit a self builder from constructing their own home - they are even so extreme as to prohibit a self builder from employing their own sub-contractors. All construction of homes and extensions MUST go through a main Building Contractor! (from next year the Builder MUST be taken from the Construction Industry Federation Register - C.I.F is a private Company!)
We petition the Government of Ireland to hear our voice and restore the right for a family to build their own home without severe financial burden. What the Government have done is absurd, unjust and anti-social. They have taken the centuries old tradition of providing a home for one's family from us with a strict regime of building control and forcing us to pay thousands extra in professional fees when there is absolutely no need. We are all for regulation of the building sector but we want to be treated with fairness by setting up an independent building inspectorate.
We would welcome inspections at any stage of the build.
We implore the Government not to punish the self builder for the mistakes of the big developers and building contractors of the past.
We have NO OTHER WAY of owning our own family homes, we have enough money for materials and we were going to construct our homes with Blood, Sweat & Tears.

To the Government of Ireland - please listen to the pleas of the people of Ireland and revoke S. I. 9

For further information check out:
The Bregs Forum,
Irish Association of Self Builders website (
or the information site for the S.I.9 (


  • Richard Flynn Direct Labour is gone. The legislators should come clean with the people of Ireland

  • Jerry O'Connor Bad news waiting until after the local elections !

  • Alfred Gregg We should be able to bud a house/home for our family in any way viable. its not our fault for corrupt builders in the past.

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  • Today - Monday, September 22, 2014 our Petition closes...we have received 371 signatures as well as some interesting comments and will lodge all with the Oireachtas Petition Committee today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank most sincerely all those who signed this important petition!! Will keep you updated on progress..
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