LandOwners United Against Linden Labs MarketPlace

July 1, 2010 Grant Linden stated that Linden Lab would not be moving the Land Sales portion to the new Marketplace BEFORE they close Xstreet. SIGN OUR PETITION Demanding that Linden Lab treat the Landowners fairly and provide us with a method to market our land before they take Xstreet down. July 1, 2010 Grant Linden on the blog today said: Jul 1, 2010 12:44 PM in response to: AurelieJolieParis Pichot Re: Join the Discussion on the Marketplace Beta going Live! Land listings will not be migrated. Additional questions generated the following responses: We are working to creat a resident to resident land store. However, it will not be complete in time to replace the Xstreet Land listings. A question about whether Linden Labs had a tentative date for when this would be done generated the following response: I don't have a "when" for you at this moment, but we will have a public wiki page that will communicate features that are upcoming in future releases. And more questions generated these responses: I regret that we could not get this feature finished before the Beta Marketplace went public. Becasue this feature involved the management of the listings in a very critical way, we held back on adding it until the foundation of the site was solid. There is no place to post land rentals on the the New Marketplace Beta at this time. The land rentals feature on Xstreet will be retired when we transition to the New Marketplace Beta. We will create a place for resident to resident online land sales in the future.


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    Soundsmith Kamachi, Germany

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    Calliope Novaland, United States

    5 years ago Comments: As restrictions on land "owners" and content creators in SL continue to rise, you can only expect many to leave SL and put their contributions into something where their contributions are rewarded and recognized as adding to the whole. Phillip Linden! are you listening? It's awesome you came back, please save SL! This is wrong and you know it. Make SL into your original vision or we will all have to find another virtual world to call home
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    ShadowKnight Falconer, United States

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