Sean O\'Haire Another Underrated Talent

Sean O\'Haire was a commodity in WCW and was set to reign as the next big name in wrestling, However the demise of WCW saw Sean recruited by WWE. Since the Invasion took place Sean has not received his deserved opportunities with the company. Whether it be for personal reason WWE recently parted ways with Sean O\'Haire saying he didn\'t have what it took. We know different don\'t we Sean was an excellent athlete and his intriguing persona was a refreshing change from the stale boring wrestlers that WWE and wrestling in general have been taken over with. Sean brought in a new era of wrestlers still holding onto the best of old school. Sean had what it took to become the next big name but wasn\'t given his opportunities. But this petition is here to give Sean his second chance. To shake Vince McMahon up and make him realise what a mistake he has made in letting go of such a valuable talent. Vince, Sean has what it takes and we\'re begging that you give him the chance to shine. If you feel this way and would love to see Sean reigning as the WWE Champion in the near future sign this petition and lets get the ball rolling!!


This Petition is sponsored by Asma\'a Abdulaziz a dedicated fan of Sean O\'Haire and a person who feels that Sean wasn\'t given what he was deserved by WWE. Asma\'a Abdulaziz is supported 100% by Seanton Bombsite - a small Sean O\'Haire Community where you will see the Sean fans as one in \'The Sean O\'Haire War\' standing up for this true talent.


Please Make Sure You Visit The Site and Petitions Below and show your full support for Sean O\'Haire. - Seanton Bombsite Sign The Petitions


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    stuart st.clair, Canada

    7 years ago Country: CA
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    Louis Muhawij, United States

    7 years ago State: CA
    Country: US
    Comments: Sean O'Haire was one of the best new talents coming out of WCW. The failed transition to MMA notwithstanding, he's held such promise as a pro wrestler that I feel he still deserves another shot.
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    Justin Russo, United States

    8 years ago
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