Stop Canada\'s Barbaric Seal-Cull!

Some of you may be aware, though most of you probably not that Canada practices a barbaric seal cull at this time of year. Sadly it has become a familiar sight; hundreds of Canadian Hunters clubbing passive-looking seals to death as they lie harmlessly in the snow. For over 150 years, fishermen have taken joy in clambering aboard their vessels for the seasonal cull, and no one really understands why. This savage and primitive practice must be stopped. This year protesters are turning up the heat against the Canadian government -The American Humane Society is calling for a boycott of Canadian seafood products, a multi-billion-dollar cross-border industry. This isn


Well, at the moment, I\'m a one-man-band, or one-woman-band I should say, who thinks that in order for society to progress socially and to sustain our environment, ridiculous, uncouth, savage practices such as this have to stop. There are a million other causes to argue against - some might think \"Why bother One signature isn\'t going to make a difference\" I say that if every person who thought that signed this petition they\'d be suprised at the amount of difference they could make. I\'m not expecting this little petition to magically end this 150 year old practice, but if it opens one eye, changes one mind, or raises even a tiny bit of awareness, then it was worth doing. So sign!



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