U18s need sports too !

However this does have its downfalls , we in central Scotland ( and we are not alone, so please join us ) have a good youth setup at both darts and pool, we carry international youth players. This law now means they have nowhere to compete or practice and although these games started in bars they are now rising worldwide sports. Apart from depriving the youngsters of these two sports, it is also depleting our one time stable league setups. Why does our goverment have to be so selfish , let’s get our youths back in and competing at the highest levels again. Our darts league has been running since 1930s and pool 1960s , that’s over 100 years of sport with no problems , now the grass roots of these sports will not compete till they are 18 , in theory probably killing the 2 sports in the next 10 years. It is not only sport that will be affected, the up and coming bands of the future will be affected, no more gigs for the young bands or open mike nights. This law is pushing youths back on the street corners, with nothing to do. This will as we all know will drive them to drink, drugs and crime, nobody in Scotland wants that (except the Goverment!) and again hitting the bars in the pocket. Support our kids before this law takes the rest of the UK too. Youths need a future.




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    Derek Weston, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: This is a terrible new law that will effect the up and coming youth in Scotland, The law as it stood was well governed by the local Associations and they should still be allowed to participate as long as they have a guardian present. Derek Weston Chairman Scottish Youth
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    Jack Pattison, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: hi i play 4 scotland juniors at pool, i recently went 2 selsey but now am not allowed into the pool hall without an adult, even with an adult am only allowed in till 6. I go 2 school and get home at 4:15, by the team i get changed, have t, and sometimes do homework i can only get in for 20-20 mins max, NOT GOOD
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    Jim Connal, United Kingdom

    5 years ago
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