California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Allow California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for President of the Unites States of America. He has been a U.S. citizen since 1983 and has single handed turn California around. He is supported by 65% of the state. Even 9 out of 7 Democrat seats in Cali support him and the way he is handleing the job as Govenor. Perhaps the U.S. needs someone who truely believes in the U.S. and is not corrupted as modern polotitions. Who only want what their parties want. Arnold isn't like that. He beleives they all should work together for the people, not for their parties.


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PRIMARY TIMETRADEHOURSUNITS AND CIVIL PENSION DO NOT HAVE PROGRESSION DISTRBUTION,and is keep addition too designee RESULT OF ABOVE IS DIRECT DEPOSIT TO ALL PARTICIPANT BANK ACCOUNTS ACURATLY FACTORY OR SERVISE IS TO AT HAVING COMPLETION RESULT MULTIPLY *NUMBER OF EMPLOYMENTS. A SLIGHT IDENIFACATION DIFFERENCE IS MADE AT EVERY TRANSACTION TRANSFER, IS BEING NO TWO SAME TRANSACTION IDENTIFACATIONS TRADE HOUR UNITS IS ADDITION CANCEL FROM REPITIOUS USE AT PLACE OR STORAGE STORE; FOLLOW UP ACCURACY IS NEXT DID FROM TIME HOUR PLACED IN BANK;. ALL PRGRESSIONS LISCENCE FROM PRESIDENTIAL COMPANYS IS LISTED WITH ALL OTHER 247000 PESIDENTIAL COMPANYS AND WORLD WIDE BANKS HAVING CLOCKHOURTRADEPAY TRADEHOURCOST OPERATIONS WITH DEPARTMENT STORES; SPEICIALTY STORES; FARMS 3RD PARTY BANK ATHEDICATION AND IDENIFACATIONS OF WHAT AND WHOM ITEMIZED TRANSACTION OF TWO PARTY TRANSACTION TRANSFERS. IS DID BECAUSE IT’S BETTER BUSSINESS TO HAVE HELPFULL SUGESSTIONS FROM OUR GREATEST GENERAL COMPITANCE AND EMERICALIST OF AND HAVING MUTISKILLTASKING COMPETAINT OF AT LEAST ONE SKILL; SUGESTIONS ARE ACCEPTED COMPUTING WHOLE NUMBER TO START WITH PROGRESSION DISTRBUTIONS? PROGESSIONS AND INSUANCE ADDITIONS, SOME INSURANCES ARE BANK AND FACTORY OR SERVICE TIME HOURS PAID DIRECT DEPOSITS AUTOMATION TIME HOURS OPERATING BANK IS DEPOSIT OF ALL INSURANCES; A REIMBUSTMENT ATOMATION OF ANY EMPLOY USE OF EQUATION INSURANCE OR TRADE HOURS OF BANK POSSESTION BEYOND OR NOT OF HOUR=HOURS ADITION OF PROGRESION DISTRIBUTIONS 1*6600000000~/DIVIDE 40=4125000 2 * 8250000 3* 12375000 4* 16500000 5* 20625000 TOTAL ADDITION FOR EACH FACTROY EMPLOYMENT AVERAGE HOUR 4*, 6*, 8*, 10*, 12*, = 61875000 Presidential companies payments is with full progression distribution 247000*6600000000*4*25000, 100000 HOURS PROGRESSION DISTRIBUTIONS 6 * 150000 FOR PROTIONAL TIME HOUR UNITS 8* 200000 EQAUTION TRADEPAYHOUR AND 10* 250000 TRADECOSTHOUR UNITS 12* 300000 Divide 165000000= 4*hours=9880000000 6*hours=8.892 to 12th power 8*hours=1.5808to 13th power 10*hours=2.47 to 13th power 12*hours=3.5568 to 13th power ADDITION FOR TOTAL PROGRESION DISTIBUTION TO FACTORS OF EXCLUTION OF ANY FUTHER WARS BROUGHT ON WORLDLY WARS ARE DISPOSABILE? Diffent forms of trade hour pay progressions, progression distributions , progressions and insurance. A progression distribution is an equation sum of hours employ use to maintain a Standard equation, average time hour pay average spread equation, prortionality Equlibrum in time hour computer program of trade hour pay trade hour cost accuacty ,profit margin and potietial direct deposit keying into bank every 1day 24 hours or 2day 48 hours with dating 10 day week 40 day month 400 day year [factory and employment] calendar. 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As a test of comprehension payment direct deposit formats is did from presidential company Hi breed time standard hour’s formula! 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F-l-a manufacture profit margin and potential 4hours=4952469600320 4hours=252902800000*2 6hours=7428704400480 6hours=372623200000*2 8hours=9904939200640 8hours=4973589000000*2 *2 is with progression distribution 10hours=12381174000800 10hours=6193887000000*2 12hours=14857408800960 12hours=7476224400000*2 Enter Employments {~/165000000 factory profit margin and potential Primary secondary payment hours 4hours2602686218240=15773 *4=63092--63092 4hours=5205372436475*4=20821489745900 6hours=3900663666544=23640 *6=141840---141840 6hours=7801327321081*6=46807963926486 8hours=5201148772352=31522 *8 =252176---252176 8hours=10402297544695*8=83218380357560 10hours=9287531233280=56288 *10 =562880--562880 10hours=18575062466545*10=185750624665450 12hours=11166816403456=67677 *12=8112124---812124 12hours=22333632806894*12=268003593682728 PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL HIHGHEST UNIVERSITYS AND ALL SCHOOLS INFINITY AVERAGES ECONOMY 100 125 AVERAGE 112.5 AVERAGE INCREASE ADDITION HI OR LOW ENTER INFINITY AVERAGES ECONOMY UNUSED POSESIONS INFINITY AVERAGES ECONOMY USED POSSIONS MUST HAVE PRODUCTS ON OR HAVE ATACMENT TO PRODUCT NOT FOR SALE OR CHOISE OF YIELD ONLY PLEASE SUBMIT DOWN LOAD OF CLOCK TIME HOURS TRADE HOURS PAY EQUATION TRADE HOURS TRADECOST TO 247000 PRESIDETIAL COMANYS TO PAY HOURS TO 25000 LIVING BEING! WITH PACTICALLITY ABOVE COMPUTE A STANDARDIZE CLOCK TIME HOUR STANDARDIZE AVERAGE HOUR SPREAD EQUALIBRUM EQUATION PROPORTIOALITY RESULT! BEYOND 1 YARS =400 DAYS OF CRIMINAL OFENCES HOLD IS IDEFINATELY TO SKILL LEARNING, EMERICAL WORKING, 4 YARS HIGH SCHOOL ELIGABILE FOR CIVAL PENTION CIVAL PENTION IS PAID AT ½ OF AVERAGE EMPLOYMENT IF IS WITH EMPLOYMENT OR IS’NT WITH EMPLOYMENT. BRING LIGHT INDUSTRY INTO HOUSING DEVOLOPMENTS INSURANCE CUMULATION [YES], IS WITH SYSTEM LIMITING LISTING FOR AUTOMATION INDUTRIALS AND TECNOLOGICALS HOUSING, WITH EDIBILE SUBSTANCES PRODUCTION FACILITY TRANSPORTATIONS FARMS TO 1 YARS OF EDIBILE SUBSTAINCES IN STORAGE FOR 6600000000 LIVING HUMAN BEING EACH FACTORY CONTROLLARS AND EMPLOYMENT, COMPANY CARS ASEMBLILE DISEMBILE ADDITIONS INDUSTRY AND TECKNOW LOGICALS DISPOSE AND RECYCLE METRO-MALIDYS DEVELOPMENTAL UPGRADING RENOVATIONS AT 20YARS EMPLOYMENT IS PAID EQUATION OF ALL HOURS AND COMPLIMENTRY CURRANCY PAID A PRGRESION DISTIBUTION IS EQUAL TO SUM OF UNIT GOING OFF TOTAL ECONOMY TRADE MONEY UNITS PRIMARY PAY AND CIVAL ALLOWANCE DO NOT HAVE PROGRESION DISTRIBUTION FACTORY PAID PROGRESIONS TO EMPLOYMENTS, FACTORY IS REIMBERST PROGRESSION AND INSURANCE EQUATIONS PROGRESIONS ARE AT SINGAL CONVERTION HOUR ANYBODY HAVING DID 4YARS IS PREVIOUSLY ELIGABILE FOR CIVAL PENSION, MUST HANE CIVAL PENTION TO DO SPEED VOTING IF DEATH OCCURS CIVAL PENSION IS TO CUMULATE TO PRE –DESIGNATE LIVING BEING 2 CONVERTION HOURS PAID CILDREN TILL ELIGABILE FOR CIVAL PENSION HAVE CONTROLL OF 2*PROPERTY ESENTAILS TO SUPLLY REPRDUCTION OF OUR BODYS PROGRESIONS ARE PAID HOURS AND EQUATION OF INSURANCE TWO WAY , PROGRESION DISTRBUTION IS 2*PROGRESION AND EQUATION INSURANCE AUTOMATION ECONOMY TRADE MONEY UNIT DON’T ALLOW TRADEMONEY UNITS TO CONTROLL YOU, TIME STANDARD HOUR TOOL BOX IS WITH MANY OPTIONAL PRACICALITY OF PREVAILANCE AUTOMATION DIRECT DEPOSIT KEY IN EVERY 24 HOURS OR AT 2DAYS TO 3RDPARTY BANK OFFICE TRADEMONEYUNITS IS CANCEL AND TRANSACTION FROM STORAGE STORE AND CANCEL AT BANK HAVING DONE FOLLOW UP OF TRANSFER PAID HOURS DIRECT DEPOSIT PREVIOUSLY, FACTORY SERVISE COMPANY IS COMPUTE DIFERENTLY YET IS PRORTIOALIZE IN TIME CLOCK HOURS PROGRAMS, PROGRESION DITRBUTION WILL BE EMAILING STADARDIZATION WITH UPDOWN UNIT MONEY OF COMPLIMENTRY CURRANCY AT 1UNIT EQUAL 1 OF ANOTHER COMPLIMENTRY CURANCY DIRECT DEPOSIT TO YOUR BISENESS AUTOMATIOM BANK ACCOUNT IS DID FIRST EQUATION PROGRESION DISTRBUTION IS NOW COMPUTE FACTORY HOURS PAYMENT AND EMPLOYMENT HOURS PAYMENT PROGRESSION DISTRBUTIONS IS COMPUTE 1+1+! =1*660000000 29+29+29+29=29*6600000000 SALES TIME HOURS PRODUCT TIME HOURS WORK TIME HOURS WORK TIME HOURS *NUMBER OF EMPLOYMENTS MACHINE OPERATER HOURS PROGRESTIONS INSURANCE RECIET TRADE UNIT 2*COMPANY AVERAGE AUTOMATIOM FACTORY AT 2*TOTAL FACTORYS AVERAGE OVERALL HOURS*EMPLOYMENTS OFCURCE FACTORY EMPLOYMENT SERVICE PAYMENT HOURS DURATION UNIFACATION OF BANKS TO PAY EQUATION TO DUATION PAY HOURS AUTOMATION TO YOUR DIRECT DEPOSIT ACOUNT ADDITION EQUATION INSURACE TOTALING DID FROM UNIFACATION BANKS ESURANCE TOTALING OF DIFERANT MATTER SUPPLY DID FROM 247000 PRESIDENTIAL COMANYS PRESIDENTIAL COMPANYS ARE PAID HOUSRS EQUATION OF ALL TRADE MONEY UNITS AND PROGRESSIONS EMPLOY HOURS PAID, PRFIT MARGIN AND POTETIAL, PIMARY AND SECONDARY HOURS UNIFACATION BANKS WITH TIME HOUR STANDARD AND AVERAGES ECONOMY TO COUNT IN ORDER ALL TRASACTIONS TRANSFERS OF TRADEMONEY UNITS STORAGE STORES IS TO CANCEL TRADE MONEY UNITS AT STORE, BANK TO FOLLOW UP THAT TRANSFER IS COMPLETE AND CANCEL AGAIN BANK PAID 2*COMPANY AVERAGE *EMPLOYMENTS *EMPLOYMENT HOURS PRODUCTS ARE BOUGHT FROM WORLDLY UNIFACATION BANKS TO CUMULATE TRADE MONEY UNITS IN BANK TO PAY HOURES OR PROGRESIONS AND PROGRESSION DISTRIBUTIONS ALL PRODUTIVITY PRODUCTION PRODUCTS AT EQUATION TRADE HOURS PAY =TRADE HOURS TRADE COST EMPLOYMENT HOURS *EMPLOYMENTS =EMPLOYMENT TRADE COST Don’t cause employments excess fatigue at all Accurate equation of complimentary currencies at 1unit =1unit 6600000000living human being 6600000000 6600000000~/24hours=275000000 unit hour ~/77=3571428.57 employment payment + Machine time 6600000000~/30employments=220000000 220000000 =7208235294 For every production developments companies + 6600000000~/17 production completes=388235294 388235294 =608233294 6600000000~/30 employments=220000000 -----------------------product trade units trade exchageEquation cost trade =47 +=7208235294= 1 complete is bank account company automation deposit profit margin 3*6600000000+608233294=20408233294~/6600000000=3.9215 equally same too all accounts - 6600000000=profit margin=608233294 Conservation of manufacturing ergonomic human spices possession is a limit of two 7208235294~/6600000000 Addition unit division 20557658825+149425513= [ ] ~/6600000000= While maintaining continues production of self sufficiency sporting properties = Manufacture many as storage will keep from deteriorations of or from? =3.9215 complimentary users deposit Limit two 660000000~/47=149425531 and is sales addition or subtraction unit! If employ of raise account Unrepitioiously use of complimentary currantcy~/20408233294 20408233294 is divisional too unifacation bank accounts If addition division unit is employ 20408233294+149425531=20557658825~/6600000000= is divisional too unification bank accouts 149425531 direct deposit employment or isn’t employment deposit to all complimentary user bank accounts equation Civil pension for employment or isn’t employment Maintain separate economies trade cost president ails company’s authentications necessary with all accurate potential Automation< Adjudications ½ complimentary currency average empolyments is paid employment or no employment, civil pension till at having 4yars 1600days Don’t cause employments excess fatigue at all Accurate equation of complimentary currencies at 1unit =1unit 6600000000living human being 6600000000 6600000000~/24hours=275000000 unit hour Machine time 6600000000~/30employments=220000000 220000000 For every production developments companies 6600000000~/17 production completes=388235294 388235294 6600000000~/30 employments=220000000 -----------------------product trade units trade exchageEquation cost trade =47 +=7208235294 1 complete is bank account company automation deposit -6600000000=profit margin=608233294 Conservation of manufacturing ergonomic human spices possession is a limit of two 7208235294~/6600000000 While maintaining continues production of self sufficiency sporting properties =1.092 divisional deposit Manufacture many as storage will keep from deteriorations of or from? Limit two 660000000~/47=149425531 and is sales addition or subtraction unit! 149425531 direct deposit employment or isn’t employment Civil pension for employment or isn’t employment Mantian seperate economies trade cost 2tars employments <20yars employments employment contracts have liability of manufacture developer insurance No taxes on anybody hours pay and trade is now practical Taxation is a form of intrinsically acting treason subterfuge and indirect economic sabitiouge Selling majorities into larger debt and desiezuge Automation cleaning equipment on time Assembly and more importantly dissemble of any and all production complete finish product All above is with out iconic expressionism! And is with system limiting an zero taxing Been wondering why I can’t have bought my self a coffee? As a test of comprehension payment direct deposit formats is did from presidential company Hi breed time standard hour’s formula! Manufacture factory is number of living human being =6600000000+[6600000000*single addition of each progressions `/40 addition=15476467500 equal to next whole number~/165000000=619058700000[+2*employment at 4,6,8,10,12*165000000 machine time+[2*overall for machine time hours [*4,6,8,10,12,hours 4hours*=50158296000000 *2=100316592000000 6600000000~40=165000000*4, 6, 8, 10, 12, hours= 6hours*=75316644000000 4hours*165000000=660000000*2=132000000 8hours*=10052779200000 6=990000000 10hours*=12559174000000 8=1320000000 12hours*=15086848800000 10=165000000 Enter computing of prevalent survivals too luxuries 12=1980000000 Average factory employments ~/165000000 manufactures direct deposit keyed into bank next day with proportionality and system limiting 2508244910080~/ [6600000000~/40hours=165000000] =15201*4hours=60804hours*4 5016489820155 3766327181312~/=22826*6hours136956hours*6 7532654362616 *2 is police payment 5027049504768~/=30466*8hours243728hours*8 10054099009525 6280412397568~/=38063*10hours380630hours*10 12560824795123 7544414142464~/=45723*12hour548676hours*12 15088828284912 Divide 165000000 for employment hours F-l-a manufacture profit margin and pt0tintals 4hours=4952469600320 *2 4hours=252902800000*2 6hours=7428704400480 *2 6hours=372623200000*2 8hours=9904939200640 *2 8hours=4973589000000*2* multiplication of 2 is not emeideitlt nessary 10hours=12381174000800 *2 10hours=6193887000000*2 12hours=14857408800960 *2 12hours=7476224400000*2 Enter Employments {~/165000000 factory profit margin and potential Primary secondary payment hours 4hours2602686218240=15773 *4=63092--63092 4hours=5205372436475*4=20821489745900 6hours=3900663666544=23640 *6=141840---141840 6hours=7801327321081*6=46807963926486 8hours=5201148772352=31522 *8 =252176---252176 8hours=10402297544695*8=83218380357560 10hours=9287531233280=56288 *10 =562880--562880 10hours=18575062466545*10=185750624665450 12hours=11166816403456=67677 *12=8112124---812124 12hours=22333632806894*12=268003593682728 Employments *hours =time-hours-trade cost standard ½ employments average is civil pension to everyday employment or no employment Direct automation deposit manufactures direct deposit is *number of employments Final compute Sigel hours pay trade sum profit margin and potential *2; progression distribution Employments single unit sum *2 progression distribution average accuractcys Enter for standard equation average spread equilibrium proportionality trade pay hours Employments manufactures 10032979640317 10032979640310 15065309144675 15065308724323 20108198019067 error 20108198019050 25121657978874 25121649590246 30177765866700 30177655669824 error Accurate direct deposit automation direct deposits 5016489820160 10032979640315 7532654362624 15065308725240 10055409900953 20108198019061 12560824795136 25121649590259 15088293350400 30177658666992 Have 2*control manamemt of essential necessities before having more body’s Bring light industry into housing distrirics in form of multifaceted production factory Truck to employ magnetic for electric charge to many layer battery to household Compress coal hydraulically to supply vacuum power electric Have 2*property control management to have two children’s It is not to our advantage to go on with sales loans debts profit lay offs Elimimination of repitious investestments moneys Fresh automation paid money is did once infinity average increase =addition conversion hours At completion of full employ of trade money unit’s factory our service is paid equation sum hours and progressions employ And during development, renovation distribution in employments miles *hours, advancement or disposal and recycle Disemembly is to be with assembly Under 1 yars criminal Under 4 yars criminal Beyond indefinite holding or full restitution and once averages equation increase conversion to hours At request banks are to epidomy factory service personalize time hour money trade units with flexural identification transaction maintain Trade hour units is cancel and addition at storage stress, 2nd bank is to do following cancel addition authentication Production possessions increase advancements bank did, bank is paid employ quantity trade money and insurance And other essential necessities of metropolis’s, is with full progression distribution Bank is paid necessary progressions and insurance to periodically ass’s factories and services to maintain complete payment hours and full Capacity hours are being paid and a counting of productions. All bisness is automation paid to stay open 24hours round Hospitals jails prisons police miter mergers paid full standards, progrestions, insurance,; is with full progression distribution. 120000 two bedroom imitation complex Standard secondary hours equal standard primary hours to employments Time off is paid secondary hours having substitution employment hours off is with progressiondistrbution At end of 2yars too 20yars employment is paid full equation of hours pay earned on employment; is with full progression distribution Paid civil pension is not with progression distribution Civil pension may be designate to some one of choose to addition continue Total knowledge of componets,operating safety essentials, facts-fates is to be learn and test exam previous to have bought possession with guarantee; in schools and storage stores learning Strip malls is to prodtion constantly a complete productivity product; we have many variety to choose from ; Example automate household cleaning equipment installations Supplemental employment agency moving light industry and scale size epidomy factories into radius housing districts every 50 households; households tube bilit with automation operating gardens of edible substances yar400day round Prevalent long g term storage of measurable edible substances comparison to number of worldly people and is to be progression automate to increase now Each factory and service company to design 1600day calendar to safety and efferent to schedule with longer paid vacations Eventually 1600days on employment; 400days off employment Bacteria sterilizing-and refining impurities out of large quits of dirt Total automation farming mesuerably storage of qunitys of keep freach edible substances; to # of speiscys Safety uniforms Oil and coal is out; magnetic and electronic mechanical and vacuum prolusion well as many different proportion structures are in 40 day with one day batteries layers and magnetic continuum generating truck to full charge building and household batteries Ppm hydrolyses continues and returning and power buildup long as is on like other mater forms of perpetual motion concertion structures 1comlimenty curanctcy unit equal 1 of a different complimentary currency Counting each employment hours of employment *number of employments to may ways developments completes possessions to confine of productivity complete; including hours of single operating machines It is treason and subterfuge and saboteurs to previously theit-taxe factory or employment pay hours and trade cost hours; like is selling Accurate payment hour=hours is being automation acutely compute with time hours is trade cost hours computer programs Economic trademoneypay-trademoney cost Being deliberately incurements; all debts is tube yield from infinity advance averages increase average economy; only complete measures Of mater products May 2, 2008; abused average economy; a unused average economy Rents loans lease time share mortgages machinery car instilment payments; or at ½ average employment Eventfully we may lean to continue optimum pay and cost pay is a maintains of up grade equilibrium All children schools is paid with progressions two way developing hour payments Avention invention renovations automations developmentally diseblibule and durable, recycle out malitys of metropolis’s; progression hours payments Series baseness c1+c2]*[c1*c2=c2] *members is an approximate formula having many formulations of co-operators task-listings and many member advantages ;like all production completes is at quaniftion pay cost 274000 presidential companies assures that unscrupulous under skill and without overall and general to specic people don’t make bad chooses for thousands of our people The newest project is to build a house to be sustained up in atmosphere with perpetual motion and continuum machinery Well as cars too I have email different government controllers for 20 yars ,I surmise that most now election controllers are uncomitait of Of ethical negotiation for a greater survival, to luxuries developments and need help to change economic use and productivity World round Write request for time is trade-hour-money-units with address where to mail automation economy computer program cd. Being deliberately incurrence all debt yields is to be form infinity average increase economy At bought .a money cost of complementary currency .an equation sum complimentary currency is divisional to all compliment currency users 3rd party bank account Long wars and periodical wars supply to no one and lead to total corruption controlled by highest criminally active ,having any knowledge quotient if any ,and total digression to what is goals of civil and ethical people of a much greater and progressive civilation All transactions counting from 1, up with slight identification change every transfer or increase of trade money units Some payment trade hours are two –way to maintain operating Banks is paid 2* transaction of complementary currencies automation; at employ of units complimentary currencies paid equation insurance trade units Listings of developmental projects and employments at doula operating banks Epidomy factory install every 50 radius at all housing districts; to productivity in home luxury passions Electric generating toilet, with used fluids reviver at all recent developing households; bacteria sterilizing Value of complimentary currency total sum of units; after trade transaction of trademoneyunit for product 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, Average is6.6 addition =68 68/6.6=10.3030 equation sum is divisible too all complementary currency bank account direct depos 1*10.3030= 12*10.3030=123.636363 Work hour time payment standard enter12345678 enter9, 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 *number of employments 1 enter 13 enter number of employments including company controllers 2 14 enter [ ] =2*result 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 24= [ ] =12*result Height slanting wall for wild eater animals Automobile conveyer built like prime mover powering air pollutions imparities out of atmosphere tunnel Magnetic wheel generating electricity’s Fluid displacement continuum generating force addition Factory or services controllers paid 2* standard hours and if necessary two way progressions distributions; is full progression distribution Progressions to doula operating banks is paid at single covert ion hour after addition conversion in time standard is accurate and complete Colleges and universities Learning occupation paid 2*hours; work time hours progression Work time hour units 123456789101112enter 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24enter Multiply hours or *step up hour * class room hours a day; is with full progression distribution Two way transaction to colleges and universities all qualifying schools Total employments hours *2 of institution paid qualifying colleges and universities and schools; is with full progression distribution Instructor and teachers paid product time hours and product time hours; two way progressions; is with two way payment Time standard con version hours paid instructors teachers All deposit progressions are paid at one conversion hour after time standard hours accurately and complete computer program Econ two computing equilibrium average spread protionality Low production quantities may need rate and esstial periodic rate advance from improvements and renovations developmental Service companies or quick disembly of some parts of machine or operating organization sequential consequences List developmental projects at doula operating banks Hi rise building is of system limiting Don’t build or develop new cities counties act. Don’ continue to cut plants down; seranic building, houses apartments Pay nitrogen and bacteria sterilization periodically refine and take impurities out of dirt! All computing is accurate too quantity of productions of proper nature and kind or contrast versatilities Start up building recently c constructions factory with two way progressions; is with full progression distributions Duel operating banks to asses all quantities of production or service for direct email too all presidential commands network Production factories and services are too email quantities assessments and application to license progressions customization Equivalence from doula operating banks and factories or services companyhomestyle epidomy factories, distributions deliveries Pick ups [is essentially necessary] Doula operating banks may properly secure identifications licensees cancellations transactions; with short history of trade money units Guarantees liabilities did with liability copy machine, authentication from presidential company licensees –all transactions listings and progressions and insurances bank counting equations presidential companies counting equations Full scale measuring of sample of trade-unit at bank and presidential company for versatile completion and possibilities and potentials Email is an example of degziner trade-money-units = too complementary currencies Degziner pictures doesn’t qualify, is at products No impurities is unactcepting, unwanted impurities are to become cliyclic separations of same entity Start day 1-<400 key in shape of yars Employment payment day –night start up down 275000000 *number of employments~/ divide 165000000 =single employment personal payment 12 hour=hours330000000 ~165000000=20*12=240 hours* number of employments= [ ] =complimentary currency 137500000 10 hour=hours 220000000 275000000/~2= 8 hour=hours 82500000 275000000*24=[ ]/`~2=330000000 6 hour=hours 66000000 /~3 4 hour=hours 55000000 /~4 Time standard hours progression business start up 40hours*4=160hours 40*6=240 40*8=320 10*40=400 12*40=480hours paid in direct deposit ay doula operating banks at =1 conversion hour for business and standard hours Is with full progression distribution! .veristllily factories and services Presidential commands paid equation of transaction; 247000 presidential companies Banks paid equation of transaction, total insurance equation Very new bough develop new dissemble assembly production product operating, is to have equally sum of trade money units with it Use same different kinds of matter again again ½ employments civil pension; not with held to employ mint or no employment Surface too underground ceramic housing Versatilities factorys empirical experiments did on very small scale Doula operating bans may print copy machine trade money units; with multi identification and environmental cleansing side Group or personalize trademony units and authentication licenses from presidential companies No further cutting of wood kill for projects Life continue projects is paid progressions; time standard or divisible complimentary currency;2* Accurate payments are being computed so not to have worst go on of what can be progress beneficially in your possession Time hour trade unit’s computer program is essentially necessary too accurately control employ Identification doesn’t complete at same interval duration Yes if it is a loss of freedom’s your wanting {more and more criminal activities] Trade money unit of equation sum of trade money unit’s is to be with every production product complete luxury too survivals essentials’ [Preferable versatility skill tools development and complete parts-definition-listing and unsafe operating and safety operating] Eliminating an immediately liabilities succession and continuance of it till finally fact or fate realities strike If economy trade units don’t continue to be different, having very close hierarchy of employments factory operating and epitome factory Operating educations, scientific evidential, trade money units, with accurate payments, fewer and fewer people is going to be working at any ect. Listing 1is develop environmental cleansing projects,2 advent and improvement company[developing facility and convenience Lectures for household’s lifestyle and living standards Nobody wants to use your [gone bad for a long while] no short history of developments going too completes no quantity identifications ! Tetchily inky tiny green papers are counterfeit! we only sucuum to use it; to maintain social and civil order ! It is empirically a very large thirtieth to us Egknolage here yes no incompetent of all of List reasons here of comp taint your skill identifications and skill level Form of reasoning or is operant conditioning Do right not wrong Perfection is only temper till much more distributions of managing Essential necessary esstial streamline levels of effientcy are discovering The question is do we know what is unknown! Small very completely contain empirical experiments is vocationally a need To the exception of going on till body’s start dropping; too fall down Financial exchange and payment all of trailer park-malady and the worst Homeless shelters all in one with conversion hour payments for employments Training and new building upkeep Apartment’s management is to be paid progressions deposit previous too Completing time standard equation base hour computing; tenet paid equally units-pay-sum previous; rent lease time-share mortgage Management paid too full number of resident; occupied or not multiply Management employment hours; or management too be paid at equation ½ Civil pension multiply hours of employment At 4 yars 1600of criminal activity is a choose to stay and have no trade-money –units for employment or be airlift and drop into desolation too far too walk out of with small medical and tools package ,we don’t need or want criminal Activities leading one way to escalations of many varieties of theft and quick Killing America like many countries has a secret society spending counterfeit money Any way possible ; the trade money units are total unmeasured; and they the culprits doing it should and eventually quicker are to be arrested; they usually counterfeit a spy a lower a prosecutor way of any new or old laws wail do A group of teat thugs and a group murder beiger thugs very incapably of Negotiation and compromises that intelligence is with large varieties of. Statements of temporary or long term only Yes or no or incompetent Possible reasoning; skills identifications and skill level The reasoning that as long as I am, nobody else is; is total invalid reasoning And eventually goes too somebody becoming anther murder beiger to justify large thief’s It’s like employments completing tasks of assembly; and been lay-of for sale of any possessions; it is a practice of genocide All street lights can be materiscally separating for more versatilities form of renovation developments brought down exchange too four way circles All houses can go under earth surface with greater area and convenience and facilities Regional presidential companies are to have one or two personal of every known science ; exam and authentications of metrically and scholastically authentications license Prisons jails and similar is to be melt and reform to more vestal object and tools ;to be in exchange fore outside potable toilets to sterilize ,fluid and burn Shit into different flavors of electricity’s Exchange for prorta-hold jails where criminal activities occurrence Overt control is much better comparing to hiding incurring more hiding Epitomes rate production renivatioal upgrade developmentally and lager Luxury posies ions versatility factory 2*employments hours multiply overall hours and any of necessary progression ; is with full progression distribution At having manufacture help and small too moderate production history and qunitys and raite authentication counting with many differently method of idenifacation;trade-money –units is subtraction out bank nay having in account any of electro-units Quick dissemble [conveinyet dissemble to build inter changeably structures Is far more engineering scientifically a far greater developments Transportation too group employments way of too door to bus or small living station at group coordinate manufacturing Apt and not to be bus to schooling; project of being in walking distance to Educational empirical and sclastical leaning having an experimentally complete containment fully with any futher safety also Large 1 height living station with small stores and payment for skill trading Equal to accommodation of full quality’s of intrinsically disabilities Employments flexibly employment hours at equal 1 convertion hour All progresstions paid at single convertion hour At store or manufactures b bought from is also paid an equally to trade-money –unit progression; is with first into deposit group or single bank account to be held for every day time standard computation completion Progression payment is with full progression distributional factory or service Automation time hour’s base equations Plant every seed in clean and nutrient dirt especially fruits nuts vegetables 10 foot water retaining troughs Many smaller doula operating trade money-units banks in housing Districts along with versatilities tools equipments for sign out use or to bought Is not only information; are practicalities! Don’t burn of impurities, convertion too a different useful mater forms! At finish of mining {not for any wars] protections can come in many different ways; at finish orifice is to be fill with clean sand! Bio-chemical and medical and all schools to be in walking distance in every Apt and housing districts Different developments projects transportation is from pickup cabs, shuttle small buses going too, all employments bus or buses! Days of enslavement tarots have end and days of very expensive tax-thefts have end
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