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In an interview recently: ... that many have read and been linked to, we were all able to get at least a little better idea of what it feels like to be on Blizzards side or the fence. I've taken a couple of quotes from the interview and they are as follows: "we can certainly consider it, and we'll see what the community reaction is..." "Depends on whether or not it's something the community really wants. [Laughs]" " Do you really want chat rooms?" " How much English do you need to speak to communicate with your opponent and kick his ass? [Laughs]" "We also have our Quality Assurance department filtering through the feedback, we have our community team filtering through the feedback, trying to summarise it and deliver those summaries to the development team, and then ultimately the balance designers and the game director on the team are responsible for determining how they want to incorporate that feedback. " And finally, "One of our corporate values is "Every voice matters" To me it seems to be a core value for Blizzard. That is, listening to the customer and the community. The problem is that this hasn't happened and the community it seems Blizzard is paying attention to is one we are not part of. We want: LAN, CROSS REGION INTERCONNECTIVITY, CHAT ROOMS, AN INTERACTIVE B.NET. If your frustrated with the current state of communication, or lack there of, between Blizzard and the community, sign this petition. If your unimpressed with the design of B.NET 2.0 and feel marginalized, sign this petition. If you simply feel like Blizzard is not living up to expectations, sign it. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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