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This petition is to help the re population of a very close to extinct animal the sawfish. All species of sawfish at this moment are currently critically extinct, and the smalltooth Sawfish for example only lives around the South Florida area. Sawfish  The reason we are running so low on these gorgeous creatures are that they are caught as by-catch by fisherman and they take the Rostrum which is the saw-like snout as a trophy. The main goal I hope to accomplish is to get as much signatures so that i can start funding for sanctuaries for these little guys so we can help repopulate them. Please help by signing this petition we can't keep cutting off their Rostrum just for a trophy we are losing these guys.

Not much is known about the reproduction habits of Sawfish so that makes this goal a little hard, but I want to work hard to make sure we can research more on the sawfish so we can learn new things. They reach sexual maturity at around 10 years old so it takes awhile so they have a long time to get caught by fisherman, which makes breeding really hard for them.

My main goal is to get around 1000 signatures but I am hoping to get a minimum of 300 so if you sign this and are amazing enough to send this petition to your friends I would be greatly appreciated. I really want to see these little guys live on. As a 17 year old studying marine Biology it hurts me that people can be so cruel.

Main reasons we are losing these guys
-> Bycatch from fisherman
-> Cutting off the fin like most sharks as a delicacy
-> Folk medicine in most Indo-Pacific islands


My name is Austin Horenkamp My email address is



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    2 years ago Comments: Saw-fish are a part of nature that encourages people that nature is indeed interesting and remarkable
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