Free The Orcas of SeaWorld, Orlando

The Orcas at SeaWorld, Orlando are being mistreated and abused. This company is ran by SeaWorld entertainment.The workers and trainers at SeaWorld use the act of food deprivation and abuse to get the Orcas to do tricks that are against their nature. These animals are forced to have children at SeaWorld as young as the age of five, where in the wild the natural age is fourteen. The Orcas in SeaWorld usually don't even make it past the age of thirty! In the wild, they are able to live past eighty years old. Everything about being in captivity is beyond stressful and in humane. These stress levels cause male dorsal fins to collapse. This almost never happens in the wild. These stress levels also cause Whales to attack each other, This almost never happens outside of captivity either. These animals are so intelligent that they have a part of the brain that humans don't even have yet. These animals are so peaceful. Outside of captivity there have been no Orca to human attacks. Please help free these intelligent and majestic animals to where they belong. Please sign and share!


  • Jenna Let's get them out!!

  • Kelly Williams SeaWorld is violating moral ethics in their care for these animals. The idea of SeaWorld is whisming but the carrying out of it is a nightmare.

  • E Denning Now that this abuse has been widely publicized, hopefully people will boycott SeaWorld. I will never go there again!

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