Save University Heights

Marshall University wants to close University Heights, make non-traditional students life harder... all so crack heads can get a free ride from prestera center.


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    Jessica Grady, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The Herald-Dispatch article states that the sale (to either Cabell Co. Schools or the Prestera Center) is basically a done deal. This means that they have been in talks for a while, meaning they have known about it for a good while. Yet they still let students move in Marshall University has screwed new graduate students over by not offering tuition waivers with non-teaching graduate assistantships... and now they're kicking us out of our homes as well. Way to go, Marshall!
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    Angela F. Deering, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Kudos to Marshall once again!!! After all it isn't enough that y'all are constantly losing paperwork and saying more or less "sorry about your luck u have to fill it out again" Now you are selling our residence. So let me ask you how the hell you would feel if you lived here and it was gonna be sold out from under you There are families here, Married couples with and without children. Also all of the children that live here are small children and to have to tell them that we r being kicked out because Marshall wants to make a buck isn't going to make any sense to them. If y'all want money that bad then sell something that isn't being used. Where is this money going Why do you have to sell peoples homes Are you all that money hungry that you don't give a damn about your students Becasue you know and i know that this place houses students. We pay tuition we pay for books and supplies we pay for everything we are getting and we pay rent to Marshall as well. So aren't you already getting enough money as it is Not to mention all the out of state and foreign exchange students who have to pay more due to not being a West Virginia resident. I plan to attend the next meeting being held and i intend to speak up and be the voice for all of us. I will be there live and in person and i am going to do all i can to save this place. It was bad enough you lied to us about building 1. Saying it was gonna be closed down for repiars just to say "ha ha we got ya we're closing it down forever" That was dirty. Tell us the truth instead of lying. Keep the students in mind instaed of your wallet. Think of how you look now to all the people who live here and to those people that give a damn about somebody other than themselves. That is a lot of people so when u get your share of that cash and yoougo take your wife and kids on that nice luxury vacation....remember who you had to screw over to get it...... A lot of people who are already paying you enough money as it is!
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    Amanda Jones, United States

    7 years ago Comments: You read the paper and all people can say is how great the location of the UH Apts are the Prestera center or BOE. I'm really happy about how Marshall feels about their untraditional students. Apparently tuition plus rent isn't enough. To get any respect in Huntington or at that god forsaken school is to play a sport that no-one can play! I just spent 22 dollars on a freakin football ticket that i don't even want now! Ya know what Mu and WSAZ I LIVE HERE! so does my 4month old son. This is not good for all involved Morris of Prestera Center. Thanks for the heads up about this shady deal MU.
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