Save the Wrasse!

All over the world, manufacturers of products are killing the wonderous Napoleon Wrasse and using its body parts for products, while some companies such as electronic kipper manufacturers are ramming spikes through their face for amusement! We have to show our supports for the Wrasse by signing this petition!



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    Baleigh Hoenshell, United States

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    Country: United States
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    Fatima, United Kingdom

    1 year ago State: New Hampshire
    Country: Georgia
    Comments: In order to have a successful foiergn exchange student program, there has to be a registered organization in both countries and they should agree to participate in the program.Let us take Rotary Club (RC) for example.We shall have Student A (Filipino), Student B (American), RC-Philippine chapter (PC) and RC-US chapter (UC).PC will send Student A to UC and host Student B.Inversely, UC will send Student B to PC and host Student A.The opportunity to travel the host country is up to the hosting club and to the exchange student. Some clubs include the tour in their program. Sometimes the host family will take the initiative to do this. Other times the exchange student will personally fund her/ himself to see the country.Getting to know the culture of the host country and the exchange student is a wonderful opportunity. The exchange students and the host families benefit a lot from these programs.
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    Nabilah, Romania

    1 year ago State: Tennessee
    Country: United States
    Comments: At the kind of speeds the Enterprise will be going, I'm not sure a big anochr would be a good idea. Graphene-enhanced or not.But I do prefer the idea of propulsive breaking over aerobraking. As you've pointed out, targets without atmospheres (Europa, asteroids, etc) will be hard to orbit otherwise.
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